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The strongest couples in Hollywood


A strong family in Hollywood is a relative rarity. Actors, passionate and amorous natures, get divorced quite often. As a rule, this happens with a loud scandal in the press and financial debates in court. However, there are also couples who have been living together for many years.

Actors Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman can rightly be called one of the strongest married couples in Hollywood. The two have been together for over 35 years, during which they gave birth and raised three children, created a joint production company, opened the production of lemon liqueur and built the strongest family.

Having met at the dawn of their careers, Danny and Rhea could not legitimize their relationship for a long time. And it was not at all in the notorious contempt for the stamp in the passport, but in the fact that they simply did not have money for the wedding. The required amount was found only after seven years in order to bring together large families of Italian and Jewish origin. And after thirty years of marriage, these representatives of different cultures live under the same roof. Both call the secret of such success a combination of passionate love and true friendship, which over the years has turned into a powerful inseparable bond.

The immediate beauty with big eyes, Goldie Hawn, and the hero of action films, the spectacular macho Kurt Russell, met at an early age, but they became a real couple only after twenty years. Then both had unsuccessful marriages and children behind them. Having united in one family in the early 80s, they did not register their relationship. But this did not prevent them from living in perfect harmony for almost three decades, during which time they had a common son. Today, the actors have pushed work into the background and are happy to babysit four grandchildren while their parents build a stellar career.

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer met in 1978. Then she was a young actress who had recently lost her lover, and he was an aspiring sculptor. Romantic relationships between people began quickly and after six months they brought the couple to the altar. Since then, they have been practically inseparable. Today, when four children have already entered into an independent life, already elderly spouses spend a lot of time together.

They can often be seen in a New York park riding bikes or walking their dog with a cup of coffee in their hands. Nothing could destroy this family, not even the notorious curse of the Oscars, according to which actresses who won the award lose their husbands. Meryl Streep has three figurines, and her husband is still there and also adoringly looking at her. The actress herself claims that if she hadn’t met Don, she would have died long ago, at least morally.

A relatively young, but no less strong married couple is the union of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder. When the two met, Julia was the most popular and highest paid actress in Hollywood, and Danny was an aspiring cameraman and also married. After the wedding, the wise wife went into the shadows for a while, devoting herself to caring for three children, while her husband, meanwhile, built a very good career. The restored balance forced the evil tongues to shut up, and today, after 11 years of living together, Julia and Danny still idolize each other.

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