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New Year’s corporate party: where to go, what to wear


A New Year’s corporate party is an excellent occasion to chat with colleagues in an informal setting, to show your bosses that you can not only work efficiently, but also have a good rest and, of course, have a pleasant and fun time. In order for the New Year’s corporate party to be a success, the whole team will have to choose the right place for the festive fun.

The most cost-effective option for a New Year’s corporate party is celebrating in the office: setting tables, preparing salads together or ordering food with delivery, organizing a holiday and musical accompaniment on your own, cleaning the premises. This is convenient because you don’t need to go anywhere after a working day and you will have fun in a familiar, familiar environment. There is no need to think over the outfit for such a corporate party. Evening dresses will not be very appropriate, but universal blouses, jumpers, blouses with business skirts or trouser suits are quite suitable.

An alternative to the traditional office corporate party will be the celebration of the New Year in a cafe, restaurant or bar. Here, the festive menu will be taken care of for you. As a rule, a show program in public institutions is also provided. But you also have to look appropriate for a restaurant corporate party. An elegant designer dress, an evening set of a silk blouse and trousers, even a carnival costume (if it is a costume party) – any of the options that create a festive New Year’s mood is appropriate.

A non-standard solution for a winter corporate party – not indoors, but outdoors. More precisely: in a country house or at a recreation center. The organization of the New Year’s holiday can be entrusted both to the activists of the collective, and to the company engaged in off-site catering for banquets. New Year in nature is a meat dish cooked on the grill, warming and intoxicating drinks, outdoor games and entertainment, firecrackers and, of course, fireworks.

Given the specifics of such a corporate party, you will have to dress in a warm sweater, felt boots, a down jacket, woolen mittens and a hat. However, no one forbids getting a festive uniform for the winter version of the New Year.

Wherever you celebrate the New Year’s corporate party, do not forget to invite the main characters of the holiday – the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus!

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