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Tips for choosing a witness for a wedding


For many men, marriage is a very responsible and decisive step. If the guy has already proposed to his chosen one and the date of the solemn registration has been set, then there is nothing left but to prepare seriously and thoroughly. Regardless of whether there will be a huge feast on this day or just a table in a restaurant for the closest relatives, in addition to the bride and groom, two more will participate in the marriage ceremony – a witness and a witness.

Rare cases in the Slavic tradition when a young couple has five girlfriends and friends on each side. But even in this situation, someone becomes the main one – it is the signature of this witness that will be on the documents in the registry office, it will be he who will be responsible for ensuring that the wedding is fun and without problems.

How to make a choice?

It is clear that every person in life has a few close friends. At first glance, it may seem that any of them is ready to stand next to the groom at the wedding ceremony and during the banquet. But in practice, not every man will be able to behave freely in public, to adequately speak with words and toasts, to help and help out in case of unforeseen situations.

Therefore, from a variety of friends, it is necessary to choose the most suitable person for this role. Many modest, shy guys themselves will refuse the honorary duties of the best man, realizing that in such a situation they are responsible not only for themselves, but also for a friend. Some overly active friends can also be delicately denied the desire to be a witness at the wedding. Extroverts with a choleric temperament will pull the blanket over themselves (attention of the public), forgetting that the newlyweds have the main roles today.

Survive the bachelor party

The witness of the wedding ceremony is responsible for organizing the bachelor party, which will take place on the eve of the celebration. And it is from him that the physical and moral condition of the groom on the solemn day of marriage registration will depend.

By the way, holding a bachelor party is one of the reasons to check the future witness for a relationship with alcoholic beverages and the ability to behave with dignity after drinking. This point is very important, because few events do without alcohol – at most of these holidays, alcohol flows like a river, and the witness will drink – in one way or another.

The bride is ours!

One of the important tasks of the best man is to beautifully and with dignity conduct the ceremony of the so-called ransom of the bride. You can first discuss the main points of this action with the witness, specifying what exactly may be required during competitions and bargaining.

In this case, the witness must have in stock a certain amount of money, champagne, sweets, sweets and, of course, a sense of humor. An old tradition, carried out cheerfully – with smiles and good mood – will set the tone for all subsequent events of the main day in the life of a couple.

fun wedding

At the solemn registration of marriage, the registry office employee rules the show – it is she who will suggest what and how to do to young people and witnesses. In other festive events, one of the main roles is played by the witness: on a trip around the city and arranging a picnic, organizing a photo shoot or riding a limousine.

The same applies to the wedding – in some cases, the best man gets the role of toastmaster, then you have to prepare for a long time and thoroughly. If a professional animator is present at the evening, then the witness can relax a little. Naturally, he will have to say toasts, as well as participate in competitions, dance, take care of the bridesmaid and her friends.

Being a witness at your best friend’s wedding is a pleasant and very responsible experience. Nevertheless, if everything went at a high level and without unpleasant adventures, then we can say that such a real male friendship will last a very long time. Therefore, a young wife should prepare to, as they said in the good old film, be friends with houses and families.

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