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Be honest with yourself, are you satisfied with your sex life? Does your bed have crazy passion and a sea of ​​u200bu200bpleasures? If not, you need to change your sexual stereotypes, you need the secrets of sex. 

Statistics show that most men and women are not happy with their sex life. They are young, beautiful, successful, rich, but something is wrong with their sex. Studies have shown that the main reason for the above lies in the inherent stereotypes.

What are stereotypes and what are they?

Stereotypes are established patterns of behavior. They were invented to reduce the energy costs for performing useful actions. As for sex, there is no need to worry about energy costs.

One of the stereotypes is that experiments greatly improve sex.

Partners are so addicted to the search for new sensations that they do not notice how their bedroom is turning into a testing ground. The room is full of all sorts of things designed for love games that you need to try. The study of the "Kama Sutra" becomes quite an interesting process. CHANGE STEREOTYPES ABOUT SEXThe bedroom becomes a kind of circus spectacle, where the main roles are played by a man and a woman. The problem is that they do not concentrate on their own feelings and emotions, but focus on the identity of movements and postures with the model. You can’t call it pleasure. Scientists say: romantic and erotic components make up human sexuality. Both of these components must be present in your intimate relationship in order to please. Very important for a successful sexual life is harmony with a partner.
Experts are sure that human sexuality consists of two components: romantic and erotic. Without any of them, your intimate relationship is a feelingless physiology, unable to deliver either pleasure or happiness. Not to mention harmony with a partner.

A very popular stereotype is the desire to know more and more about sex.

CHANGE STEREOTYPES ABOUT SEXToday there is a lot of information on this topic: books, magazines, films, the Internet. Is it worth mentioning the stories of friends, about their intimate life? They describe all the details: feelings, postures, etc. Many argue that this is a normal situation when the couple’s personal life is in full view. Such is the fashion for sex life today. People will see enough serial passions and are indignant why everything in their life is not like in the movies. Moreover, claims are made to the partner that he cannot realize the “serial life". Remember, you don’t have to look up to anyone. This is only your sex life, let it be unique and the best for you. You don’t have to imitate someone and be offended by life, that you don’t succeed in bed like a friend does. Constant claims to a partner about intimate life will destroy even the strongest love. 

Another stereotype that lurks in our subconscious is that an orgasm should be simultaneous.

What for? For whom is it easier? Just an orgasm should be obligatory, and whoever reaches it faster is not at all important. Do not blame your partner if he, once, something did not work out, anything can happen. Modern women are used to the fact that you must always be ready for sex. If a man, something went wrong, he himself is to blame. If a woman fails to achieve orgasm, the man is also to blame. Such an attitude to the intimate life of partners does not improve it in any way. The harmony of your sex life depends only on you. Sex does not provide for many techniques and techniques that should be templated. Good sex is when you and your partner feel good.

Do not be afraid to break your established stereotypes in order to change your intimate life for the better. Don’t look at others, and don’t think about what others say about you. This is the key to quality sex.

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