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Valentine’s Day Movie Selection


This coming Sunday, the whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day – the holiday of all lovers. On this occasion, today’s film criticism column is dedicated to new films about love.

pretend to be my fiancé

A Polish melodrama set in contemporary Warsaw. Karina is a 30-year-old girl working as a producer of a young talent show. Her sister is about to get married, and Karina promises her mother that she will introduce her to her fiancé at the wedding. After all, she has long been dating her boss, a narcissistic TV director. On the eve of her sister’s wedding, Karina convicts her man of treason. Frustrated and broken – it was at this moment that Karina met Shimon. The guy is a simple taxi driver, a widower and raises a young son who dreams of becoming a singer. In desperation, Karina asks Shimon to pretend to be her fiancé and go with her to her sister’s wedding so as not to upset her mother.

Country: Poland
Year: 2020
Duration: 110 minutes

wild couple

A melodrama starring Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan. The action takes place in Ireland. Rosemary and Anthony have known each other since childhood, because they live on neighboring farms. Rosemary has always been in love with Anthony. Anthony, in his childhood, loved another girl, opened up to her in his feelings, which scared him and lost him forever. He has since closed himself to new relationships. And Rosemary waited and waited for Anthony to come for her and ask for her hand. Many years have passed, the main characters have long grown up and everyone is known as an eccentric in the district. Will Anthony now be able to put aside all his fears and offer Rosemary to become his wife?

Country: Ireland, UK
Year: 2020
Duration: 102 minutes

Love and monsters

Adventure post-apocalyptic melodrama. Actions take place in the near future. A huge asteroid is heading towards the Earth’s surface, threatening unprecedented destruction. However, humanity directs all its nuclear potential to the destruction of an uninvited guest from outer space. The asteroid is destroyed, but serious side effects are discovered very soon. It turns out that a nuclear reaction caused irreversible changes in the Earth’s fauna, turning even small animals into huge monsters. To escape from abnormally enlarged worms, ants, leeches and other terrestrial living creatures that have turned into monsters, people have to go to live in safe bunkers. It is in one of these bunkers that the main character, Joel Dawson, has been living for several years. And in principle, the young man has almost come to terms with such an underground life. But the guy incredibly misses his beloved Amy, whom he had to part with in the turmoil of the onset of cataclysms on the planet. However, when he finds out that Amy is alive, he decides to go to the surface and risk his own life to travel hundreds of kilometers in order to reunite with his beloved.

Country: USA, Canada
Year: 2020
Duration: 109 minutes

Man and woman: the best years

A true ode to love. This is the third film about the touching feelings of the racing driver Jean-Louis Duroc to the screenwriter Anna Gauthier. Recall that the first film was called "Man and Woman". This romantic drama was released back in 1966 and received about 40 prestigious film awards, including two Oscars (for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Original Screenplay). In 1986, a sequel was released – the film "Man and Woman: 20 Years Later". And in 2019, they received the third film, the plot of which, on the one hand, refers to the first two, and on the other, lives its own separate life. All three films starred Anouk Aimé and Jean-Louis Trintignant. Their characters from film to film grew old along with the mentioned actors. In the last episode, Jean-Louis lives in a nursing home. He practically lost his memory but love for Anna remembers every day. Then the son of Jeanne-Louis decides to ask Anna to visit his father …

Year: 2019
Duration: 90 minutes
Country: France

Maternity leave

Comedy melodrama. Iris works in the media, is successful and independent. Therefore, she decides to speed up the course of her relationship with the handsome doctor Peter a little. Without saying a word to her boyfriend, the heroine stops taking birth control pills and soon finds out that she is pregnant. Peter behaves quite caringly until the moment when the baby is born. However, after the birth, Peter confesses to Iris that he has another woman, but he kept quiet about it so as not to negatively affect the course of the pregnancy. Iris reacts rather sharply and intolerantly to recognition. Although she is wrong, because she made the decision to get pregnant alone. Young people are separated. But will Iris have enough independence and self-confidence to become happy in these circumstances?

Country: Netherlands
Year: 2020
Duration: 108 minutes

All love and happy viewing!

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