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What is a woman’s work?


A few decades ago, the fairer sex had to come to terms with equal responsibilities. Women reconciled, but in such a way that human rights activists thought: did the fighters for the rights of the sexes go too far? It’s one thing if a girl is a lawyer and constantly demonstrates that she is not ready to concede to the representatives of the stronger sex in terms of intelligence, but what about a sleeper layer somewhere in the outback of the country who works for a penny?

So what is it, the ideal work of a woman and the features of women’s work?

And what should women especially avoid – mental trauma or physical exertion?

Our state has already legalized what can and cannot be allowed to be done by women at manufacturing enterprises. All this can be seen in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. First of all, it should be said that in no case should a woman lift more than 1750 kg from the working surface and 875 kg from the floor at her workplace per shift.

If you calculate, then women are strictly forbidden to lift more than one and a half tons. There is nothing to comment here…

However, other manifestations of the concern of our state towards women lead to a stupor. For example, a woman who lives in a zone of increased radioactivity is legally entitled to prenatal leave. Its duration is 3 months, and it must be carried out in ecologically clean areas. But here, who will support her in a foreign land, and where she will live, the law does not indicate. After such a vacation, the rested mother must again arrive in the radioactive zone and it is here that she continues to live and raise her child. The law states that pregnant women during pregnancy have the right to demand lighter work, but at the same time wages will be preserved.
Here again the question arises.

Are there many such organizations on the territory of the Russian Federation that will gladly support the initiative of a future mother?
The answer is more than obvious.

The law does not say anything about the peculiarities of women’s work, which are associated with an increased risk to life. For example, no one appreciated the work of women rescuers. And even more so, the law says absolutely nothing about stress factors.

The deputies decided that stress is something not very important, and there is no point in dealing with it.

You probably already understood that the state has a very fuzzy idea about the purpose of women’s labor. Statistics announces the areas where it is the female gender that dominates. These include: health care, medicine, education, advocacy, hotel business and so on. If we analyze all these areas, then they first of all need human mercy and understanding, as well as the ability to find a common language with people. Male brute force in this case is not a competitor. If we talk about how useful all these areas are for women, then this topic needs a separate and detailed study. But not a single psychologist can argue that the most useful professions are those that bring moral satisfaction, and this is precisely the peculiarity of women’s work. In other words, work should bring satisfaction and happiness. Here, of course, everything is relative. "Happiness" can be classified as an abstract category, and British scientists conducted a statistical study.

What is a woman's work?

It turned out that the happiest women are:

Among those who are dissatisfied with life, they mostly met bank employees and managers.

The rest of the rating of happy women’s professions looked like this:
employee of a PR agency, marketer;
– a journalist;
specialist of the personnel department;

It is quite difficult to understand what exactly unites all these British women. But you can still try to analyze.
If you pay attention to the top of the list, you can see those women who help people be beautiful.
Sellers help buyers choose useful things, which also brings joy.
Regarding bank employees and managers, here the words of the classics that the pursuit of money does not make people happy are quite appropriate. It is difficult to imagine a woman who was born to give beauty to the world and at the same time is in constant pursuit of money.

You can also quote the words of the famous actress Renata Litvinova: “The most useful profession for a woman is to love and be loved!". It is impossible not to agree with these words. If we consider the financial side of the issue and talk about how profitable this or that profession is, then everything is much more complicated here. Naturally, whatever the work, it must be paid, but you need to work not only for the sake of "paper", but first of all to satisfy your spiritual needs, which mean a lot to women.
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