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What to give your husband for his wedding anniversary


A family that unites two loving people is like a living organism that develops and grows stronger over time. It is not for nothing that our ancestors for each wedding anniversary came up with their own amulet, symbolizing the stage at which the relationship of the spouses is. It is believed that one of these amulets, which can strengthen marriage and bring joy in family relationships, should be presented to the husband on the wedding anniversary.

The wedding day is called "Green Wedding".

On this day, you can present your husband with a potted flower as a gift, which will grow and develop with a young family.

1 year of family life is considered a chintz wedding.

The first wedding anniversary can be celebrated with a chintz gift for the husband. For example, a handkerchief or bed linen.

2nd year – paper wedding.

A good gift for a spouse on this day will be a book, an interesting postcard with a declaration of love, an unusual picture, a photo album, in general, any thing made of paper. A wife who cannot decide on a gift can easily give her husband money, because they are also paper, therefore they are amulets on this anniversary.

3 years is supposed to be called a leather wedding.

Already from the name of this anniversary it is clear that on this day it is advisable to give your soul mate a good leather product, for example, a leather belt, purse or wallet.

4 years is called a linen or wax wedding.

On this anniversary, the husband will be delighted with a gift made of linen or wax. It can be an interesting candle, linen bedding or a set of towels.

5 years – wooden wedding.

This is the first almost round wedding anniversary. And the tree from which the gift will be made symbolizes a strong and already established relationship. Good gifts on this day will be: a wooden frame for a family photo, wooden spoons, various amulets.

6, 7, 8 years – respectively, a cast-iron, copper and tin wedding.

On these anniversaries, you should give your husband products from the appropriate metals. For example, a cast-iron candlestick, a copper horseshoe, a tin household appliance.

9 years is, as usual, a faience wedding.

An anniversary gift for my husband: a tea mug or a personal faience dinner set.

10 years is considered a pewter or pink wedding.

On this day, pewter items or a bouquet of roses on a laid festive table will be the best gift for a spouse.

11 years is known as a steel wedding.

It is believed that only now the husband and wife have become real spouses, a single whole, so in the old days on this day they exchanged the most expensive and valuable things among themselves. You can follow the example of your ancestors, or you can simply congratulate your husband on his wedding anniversary by giving him a steel bracelet or ring.

12, 13 and 14 are considered nickel, lace and agate weddings.

These days, you can give your chosen one, respectively, any nickel products, a lace butterfly and an agate or ivory product.

15 years – glass or crystal wedding.

On this anniversary, crystal or glass items should be given. For example, vases, caskets with a glass lid, a set of crystal glasses.

18 years old – turquoise wedding.

It is best to give a man some souvenir made of turquoise.

20 years is a porcelain wedding.

On this day, it is best to set a festive table for your beloved, which is served with porcelain dishes.

25 years is revered as a silver wedding.

On the day of the silver wedding, the spouses exchange silver rings among themselves, as on the long-gone wedding day. It is also advisable to present your loved one with a silver chain or bracelet.

30 years is revered as a pearl wedding.

On this day, one should come to any source of water and throw a pearl there. This symbolizes the endless love and devotion of the spouses.

35, 40, 45 years – coral, ruby ​​and sapphire wedding.

As the names imply, on these anniversaries, you need to give your husband items made of corals, rubies or sapphires. It is best if these are original decorations.

46, 47, 48, 49 – lavender, cashmere, amethyst and cedar weddings. You can prepare a bouquet of lavender for your spouse, souvenirs from amethyst and cedar.

50 years – a golden wedding.

This is a special day that is celebrated almost as lavishly as a wedding. You should give your husband an expensive and beautiful piece of gold.

60 years – platinum wedding.

Products made of platinum, which are given on this day, are very expensive, just like the relationship between two loving hearts who have lived together for so many long and happy years.

70 years, according to custom, is a blessed wedding.

On this unique day, it is better to give your husband anything, as the years lived together are the highest grace.

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