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Killer art: actors who died during filming


Is the world of cinema so attractive?

It seems to us that the life of actors is a complete fairy tale, and what kind of work can be under the heat of spotlights? However, the reverse side of this, at first glance, ideal profession is not so rosy: there are injuries, and nervous breakdowns, and real tragedies often happen. Today we decided to remember the artists who will never hear the director’s cry: “Stop! Taken!"

Brandon Lee

In the famous film The Crow, Brandon played his last role, and the actor himself did not catch the end of filming, let alone the release of the film on the big screen – Lee tragically died during filming. According to the plot, Brandon’s hero is shot with a revolver, but the team on the site did not check the props too carefully, as a result, the bullet stuck in the revolver literally pierced through Lee, stuck in the spine. Lee died a couple of hours later in the hospital. The actor was only 28 years old. The scene with the fatal shot was caught on film, but the director instructed to remove it, after which the same scene was re-shot with an understudy.

Killer art: actors who died during filming

Eric Fleming

In the middle of the last century, the series “Going to see the Wizard” gathered a decent audience, and therefore the creators could afford location shooting. For one of the episodes, it was decided to go to shoot in Peru. According to the plot, Fleming’s hero was rafting down the river with his partner, whose role was played by Niko Minardos. However, the actors could not keep their balance, as the boat spun in a whirlpool – Fleming and Minardos were in the water. Niko swam to shore, but Fleming was swept away by the current. His body was not found until a few days later.

Heath Ledger

Although the actor died and not on the set itself, the production of the film "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" was in full swing. However, on January 22, 2008, the artist’s fans learned the sad news – Ledger was found dead in his apartment. Terry Gilliam, the director of Imaginarium, was about to go to the studio bosses and close the project, but the decision came quickly: Gilliam asked Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell to help finish the picture, namely, he asked the actors to play Ledger’s character when he transitions from real world in fantasy. Hollywood legends immediately agreed and the picture was completed, unfortunately, Heath himself did not catch the final version.

John-Eric Hexum

The actor of stunning beauty died tragically and to some extent by a stupid accident. Fooling around on the set of the series, the actor jokingly put a gun to his temple, which turned out to be loaded. Hexam pulled the trigger and died instantly. Doctors came to the conclusion that the actor simply had no chance of surviving after the fragment of the skull went straight into the brain.

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