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Remember the popular series Sex and the City? How did the main characters strive to achieve orgasm, in almost every episode? Kerry and her friends were not afraid to experiment in sex, changed partners. They had a pronounced sexual desire (libido). But, there are women who do not have such an attraction. The frigidity of a woman is expressed in an indifferent attitude towards sex. It is extremely difficult for such women to experience excitement, which is why no one makes TV shows about them. Even when there is intimacy, they are not satisfied. With all this, frigid women know how to love, respect their chosen one. They become good mothers and housewives. But they have sex only out of a sense of duty. 

Most often, the cause of female frigidity lies in psycho-emotional problems. 

Most girls who do not get full satisfaction from sex suffer a lot and complex. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to admit to yourself and your girlfriend, not to mention your partner. For those who have not yet received unearthly pleasures, you need to understand the reasons why there is no orgasm. Let’s look at the most common:

  1. Upbringing. If the family believes that sex is immoral, wrong, shameful and you need to do it only to conceive a child, then the growing girl will already be prone to frigidity. If you grew up with such beliefs, get rid of them urgently! Understand that your sexuality is beautiful. Your desires are natural. Having sex is not a sin, but a real pleasure!

  2. Ignorance of one’s own body. Common cause of lack of orgasm. What can be demanded from a man if the girl herself does not know what she wants? So, let’s start with the study of our own body. We choose the right time, turn off our phones and brains, relax. We are looking for our erogenous zones, we know ourselves. During the mysterious search, we think only of sweet pleasure. Each girl can achieve the desired sensations without the fate of a partner. Take action! Help yourself.


  1. Self-doubt. Yes, unfortunately, many girls consider themselves to be “flawed" in some way, they themselves attach frigidity to themselves. Too thin, too fat, legs are either very crooked or very even, not such a chest. It happens that the figure is satisfied, but with the face of the problem. Not such eyes, the nose would be changed, and the lips are somehow wrong. And all these thoughts during intimacy become a huge barrier to achieving sweet sensations. Lovely, gentle, beautiful creatures, understand that you are beautiful, sexy and very desirable! That your man doesn’t care how long your hair is, or what tone of powder you put on your nose! He wants you for who you are.

4 Past negative experiences. There are situations when a girl has been abused or sexually abused. This includes punishment for sexual activity. Subsequently, the woman experiences fear of sexual intercourse. Waiting for this pain to end. In men he sees potential offenders. Of course, there is no question of orgasm. In this case, experts will help to overcome female frigidity.


5 Straight talk. Most girls who don’t have orgasms don’t talk about their desires. But in vain. A man thinks that everything suits you, since you are silent. Try to gently, gently talk to him about your preferences. Only not in a rude way, without accusations and not in bed. Choose a good moment and do not be shy (you have already overcome self-doubt?!) tell everything that you dream about. The guy will like this conversation and inspire him to take action. Perhaps you experience clitoral orgasm more often – do not be silent, speak up and experiment. Make your loved one your ally in getting rid of frigidity and achieving orgasm. 

6 Sometimes there are physical reasons for the lack of orgasm. It can be:

– gynecological diseases;

– general health problems;

– medicines, alcohol, drugs.

All these problems are solved, directly, with doctors. After eliminating them – get rid of frigidity, and go towards your orgasm.

Men are a little more fortunate than us. Their every sexual contact ends with an orgasm. But our orgasms, even though they are not so often, are much brighter and stronger. Do not be afraid of sexual fantasies and embody them in real life. And let men envy us!

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