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Winter is the time for ski holidays


Tourists are attracted not only to warm countries. With the onset of winter, ski lovers turn their eyes towards the snow-capped peaks. Many resorts in Europe are open throughout the winter season. The ski infrastructure is constantly expanding. Going on such a vacation, you should get detailed information about the place of stay and the rules of conduct for skiers, as well as take out ski insurance.

Before you go to a ski resort, you should carefully study on the map what types of tracks are present there. International designations are used on special maps: "green" – slopes intended for beginners, "blue" – simple, but with relief elements, and "red" – difficult slopes for advanced skiers. "Black" and at all are intended only for professionals. By determining which resorts are dominated by the desired slopes, you can make the right choice.

Traveling for the first time, it is best to use the services of a travel agency. The company will help you complete the documents and be able to recommend hotels of the right level. Reputable travel companies often have their own guide at the ski resorts.

Popular resorts in Europe are Tignes, Chamonix and Courchevel in France, Swiss Davos and Verbier, Corvara and Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy, as well as resorts in Austria, Bulgaria and Andorra. Those wishing to visit another continent are offered to visit the Canadian Blackcomb and Whistler or the American Mammoth Mountain, Squaw Valley and Killington.

The resort of Chamonix is ​​one of the most beautiful in France. Fabulous landscapes will be a unique addition to skiing. Courchevel is famous for its huge range of slopes for skiers of any skill level. Three places – Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens – are famous for the greatest length of interconnected pistes. Here you can try your hand at skiing on untouched snow.

The famous Swiss long steep slopes will appeal to those who like to combine skiing with the conquest of mountain peaks. The most popular resorts of Davos and Verbier offer excellent service and various types of slopes.

A small country in the center of Europe – Andorra – attracts newcomers to the sport with its well-groomed slopes, most of which are "green". They are well equipped and equipped with comfortable lifts.

Inexpensive European resorts are located in Slovenia, Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia. The middle price niche is represented by Andorra, Italy, France and Germany. USA, Canada, France and Switzerland are the most expensive ski resorts.

Before the trip, it is necessary to take out ski insurance. This type of insurance is required in case of injury while skiing. Includes payment for medical services in another country, the cost of medicines and stay, if necessary, in the clinic. For this reason, she is quite expensive. If the plans include extreme skiing, then it is necessary to include a search service in the mountains in the insurance. The main thing to remember is that this type of insurance is valid only when skiing on slopes. The off-piste ski slope is not protected in any way.

When relaxing in ski resorts, you should remember the rules of behavior for skiers:

1 A person should always keep the situation on the descent under control and realistically assess their strength.
2 Learn to provide first aid if a collision occurs. Faced with another skier, you need to check how much damage has been done.
3 When overtaking, the skier must maintain the distance necessary for the maneuver.
4 Always pay attention to warning signs.
5 Do not stop on the track without a good reason, especially in places with poor visibility.
6 If the skier decides to go up or down on foot, it is better to keep to the edge of the track – it is safer.
7 If you fall, you should try to get up. If it doesn’t work, crawl closer to the edge of the track.

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