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5 awkward sex situations: looking for a way out


Intimate relationships often don’t work out the way you expected. Various confusions are quite possible. Finding a way out of awkward situations is not so easy, but the right approach can smooth out any misfire.

The occurrence of awkward situations in bed is a common occurrence for couples who have just begun to get to know each other in terms of sex. Both partners are nervous, trying to appear in front of each other in the best light, but sometimes this leads to the opposite effect. You need to get out of an embarrassing situation quickly, and sometimes with humor, otherwise the feeling of awkwardness will remain between you for a long time.

Confusion number 1. A man can’t find his erogenous zones

It seems to be quite close, but every now and then it goes away from the right places. As a result, a woman cannot relax and begin to have fun. The solution is not to be reprimanded for clumsiness. Gently and subtly point your partner in the direction you want. A man will quickly orient himself, and the excitement will not keep you waiting.

Confusion number 2. Penis/breasts seemed much larger under the cover of clothing

The first intimacy can be a real discovery, because the naked body of a partner may look completely different from what you imagined him to be. In no case do not betray your surprise, and even more so do not comment on your disappointment. Get used to the idea that your partner is not perfect and accept him for who he is.

Confusion number 3. One of the partners did not reach orgasm

And most of the time it’s a woman. The female orgasm is a real mystery of nature, which few manage to know. If it so happened that your partner enjoyed sex, but did not complete what she started, you need to give her maximum attention and try to give pleasure in another way. A woman, in turn, should not express resentment and humiliate her partner for failed sex. In the end, no one has yet canceled the clitoral orgasm.

Confusion number 4. Man ejaculates too fast

The excitement experienced by a man during the first rapprochement with his beloved is much stronger than usual. Therefore, the situation when he experiences an orgasm after a few minutes is not uncommon. The lady should be sympathetic to this turn of events. There are two ways out: try again in half an hour or tell your partner about your desire to continue in a slightly different way.

Confusion number 5. Partner member refuses to cooperate

Lack of erection can cause real frustration on both sides. Intimacy with a new person is always stressful, and this is how it can manifest itself in a man. A woman in this situation should be as delicate as possible, because her partner has failed completely and feels humiliated. Help him take the situation, for example, as a reason for the next date, or reduce everything to a joke. So you show that you did not consider him impotent.

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