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For many people, anal sex is a forbidden fruit. Not because it is not allowed to engage in it, but for the majority of the inhabitants of our planet, even the very talk of anal sex is shameful and immoral. Despite this, almost everyone caught themselves thinking that they should try to expand their knowledge of sex and gain experience in anal sex. Why does anal sex cause negative emotions in a large number of people? What is terrible and beautiful about it? Let’s try to figure it out, because not many people know how to have anal sex, especially when it’s the first anal sex.

The first thought that arises during a conversation about this type of sex is pain. Men are afraid to hurt a woman, and women are even more afraid to feel it. Some are generally disgusted with anal, not understanding how a romantic relationship can be associated with such a special part of the body that is used for defecation. Those who condemn anal sex associate it with homosexuality and bestiality. For such people, the above-mentioned sex is absolutely abnormal.

Porn films with anal sex plots show that its actors do it easily and naturally. A man enters a woman’s anus just as easily as her wet vagina. After a few movements, the woman begins to experience incredible pleasure, reaching an orgasm. In fact, in real life, it’s not like that. You need to know how to properly engage in anal sex. No one forbids watching porn films, but you don’t have to entice all of them for yourself.

First anal sex

If the woman herself offers anal sex, then there is no problem, but if the initiator of such sex is a man, he should know what not to say so as not to scare the woman away. 
While having regular sex, you don’t have to ask a woman: “Maybe we can try it in the ass?" Such an unexpected proposal will frighten a woman, because it is not far from the vagina to the anus and she may think that the man insists or will do it without her permission.

Do not try to ask: "Have you ever felt this thing in your ass?" Understand, this is how you put a woman in front of a choice to say yes or no. If she says no, she will emphasize her virginity in this regard, and you will become even more insistent, not knowing if she wants anal sex or not. If he says yes, he will unwittingly give you permission to do so. Keep in mind that if a woman has already had anal sex, it does not mean at all that she wants to have it with you. Maybe you have a too thick or long penis, and she likes short or thin ones. It is possible that a woman simply does not feel well in terms of the digestive tract. Women often have disturbances due to excessive voracity in the premenstrual days. Just in plain text with a touch of tenderness and unobtrusiveness, invite your girlfriend to have anal sex. Let her decide how to answer you. You don’t have to be persistent. If a woman is clamped, agitated, frightened, then such sex will not bring any pleasure to either you or her. 
Another way is to caress the partner’s anus. In any case, this is an erogenous zone and by her behavior or moan you will see at what stage of readiness for anal sex she is. Stroke the woman’s buttocks, let your movements be gentle and unhurried. If her buttocks are clamped, then she nervously strains them, and if they move apart smoothly, then perhaps the woman is ready for anal sex. Stroke the partner down from the base of the spine, slide your finger along the anus. If a woman behaves very naturally, pinches your finger, rolls over on her stomach, then she is almost ready for this kind of sex.

The best way is to slowly prepare a woman for anal sex.

Caress her buttocks, clitoris, moisten your finger with her juices and caress the anus. You don’t have to put your finger in there. Do everything gently and gradually. A woman herself with her body will tell you what to do. Warm it up so that further penetration is flawless and effortless. If a woman has not yet had the experience of anal sex, all the more it is necessary to do everything very gently in order to leave only good memories for her partner. In this case, it is better not to use a piece of lubricant (such as petroleum jelly), so as not to scare off the partner, excite the woman and moisten the little finger (start with it) in her juices. Slowly insert your finger into the anus and drive it inside, making circular motions. Be extremely careful and gentle. Unfortunately, only a few men have managed to reproduce an excellent impression on women in terms of anal sex. Statistical polls say that most women are not happy with their first anal sex experience. It would not be sad, but the quality of anal sex depends more on the man than on the woman. 
Do not think that if sex is anal, then all attention should be paid only to the anus. Do not forget to caress the woman’s breasts, navel, clitoris. This way you will achieve a huge excitation of your partner. In anal sex, like nowhere else, foreplay is needed. Caress her entire body, especially the rim of her anus.

Get acquainted with new terms for you – “anilingus” “or rimming”.

As you may have guessed, these words refer to giving pleasure with the tongue and lips in the anus. It is necessary to caress the anus with the tongue with quick circular movements, while it is not necessary to eat deeply. Insert your tongue into the ring of the sphincter muscle. After such caresses, your woman will be very excited and wet, which allows you to start active actions with your index finger. Caress the woman, listening to her breathing and movements. As soon as the woman strains the anus, pause, give the opportunity to get used to the new sensations. 
In order for you to enter a woman, she must become in a doggy position. Take the penis with your hand and gently caress the woman’s buttocks, thrusting into her anus. Then let the woman put herself on your penis, you give in, but do not push forward, otherwise the woman may be hurt. As soon as the head of the penis enters the anus, it is not necessary to immediately move in the same way as in the vagina. Wait, giving the woman the opportunity to experience the delights of anal sex.

Do not hold the woman by the hips, so she will feel your power over her and she may be afraid that you will instantly penetrate her. Instead, caress her clitoris, you will see, a woman is more likely to allow you to penetrate her. Having penetrated a woman, you do not need to actively move, even the slowest movements will give you pleasure, because the anus is much narrower than the vagina.
Almost all men are sure that in anal sex it is necessary to penetrate to the end from the first time. It’s actually better not to. Allow yourself and the woman to enjoy anal sex gradually. Each time you do this, go deeper and deeper, starting with an inch. A woman will appreciate your caution and attention. Unless, the woman herself wants wild anal sex, then it’s up to both of you.

Practice, everything comes with time. After a few times of classes, you will notice that the non-standard type of sex is becoming more and more wonderful. All that is needed for this is to learn to hear and listen to your partner.

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