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Based on real events: 4 prototypes of popular movie characters


People who went down not only in history, but also inspired eminent directors

Cinema allows us to become a part of sometimes non-existent worlds, to see characters that are impossible in reality, however, according to surveys conducted annually by film resources, the vast majority prefer films based on real events. Today we have gathered five of the brightest people in modern history, to whom the directors have dedicated their work.

Mark Zuckerberg (The Social Network, 2010)

The IT genius, the creator of the popular social network, could not be left without a biopic in his honor. In 2010, David Fincher presented the world with a film about a young programmer, the story takes place within the walls of a university, where the main character, together with his friends, takes the first steps towards the main brainchild of his life. If you haven’t had time to evaluate The Social Network yet, now is the time to arrange a viewing alone or with your soulmate.

Based on real events: 4 prototypes of popular movie characters

Margaret Thatcher (Iron Lady, 2011)

The woman who inspired millions of politicians and ordinary housewives became the center of the film The Iron Lady, which was also directed by a female director, Phyllida Lloyd. The plot of the film revolves around the life of Thatcher after she left the post of Prime Minister. The heroine loves to talk about her past, from conversations it becomes clear that in her youth Margaret did not see herself in politics at all and was far from this topic. But fate decreed otherwise – Thatcher not only became one of the main figures not only in the British Parliament, but also an influential politician for the whole world. If you lack inspiration and feel a slight sense of disappointment, The Iron Lady is waiting for you in online cinemas.

Based on real events: 4 prototypes of popular movie characters

Pablo Escobar (Escobar, 2017)

Crime drama starring Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. It’s probably hard to come up with a more "powerful" negative character than the real Pablo, the Colombian drug lord. In the film, Escobar is shown through the eyes of his lover, journalist Virginia Vallejo, who unwittingly fell into the world of crime, which practically broke her professional life. allforwomen.inform.click recommends viewing!

Based on real events: 4 prototypes of popular movie characters

George Young ("Cocaine", 2001)

Escobar’s predecessor is the crime drama Cocaine starring Johnny Depp. Interestingly, Penelope Cruz also appeared here, playing the wife of Depp’s hero. Young was one of Escobar’s most powerful associates, helping Pablo do business in the US in the mid-1980s. George received a significant sentence for his activities, but in 2014 he was released early thanks to cooperation with the FBI. At the moment, Young receives many offers to participate in documentaries, and also has an excellent relationship with Johnny Depp, who once embodied his image on the big screen.

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