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How to restore libido after stress


In the current situation, we are all worried, worried. It is clear that in a state of stress, our intimate life suffers: you can’t relax – you can’t enjoy it either. If you have difficulties with sex, let’s try to unload you a little.

And do you really need it?

Decide first of all whether you really feel bad in the absence of sex or is it just a routine that you lack. maybe your partner is complaining that you’re having less sex. In general, start by listening to yourself: do you really need sex now, or do you not feel that you have a resource for it. After all, sex, if it’s not solo games, requires feedback: conversations, hugs, some kind of interactivity.

Try talking to your partner about clearing things out. Say that you want to have sex, but you can’t find the strength to talk to him before or after. It’s okay to voice your problems and try to solve them together.

If you understand that it is better for you to do without sex now, then this is ok. Sex will not run away from you, this is not the last bus. But mental health is a fragile thing, it must be protected.

Use "proven" methods

Whether it’s erotic stories, audio porn, or primitive showers, if it works, great. Relax, spend time with yourself. No pressure, no rush. Just try turning your head off for fifteen minutes (or as long as you like) by yourself.

Does everything work as it should when you’re on your own? If so, try to understand what you are missing in sex with a partner from what you get from masturbation.

Use liquid stimulants

Yes, there are purely "mechanical" methods. Among them are stimulating (usually warming) clitoral agents or liquid vibrators. For example, Shunga Dragon has one: apply to the head of the clitoris and penis (optional), and it gives you waves of heat, which are replaced by waves of coolness. The blood rushes to the genitals, you are excited and finish faster. Liquid vibrators will give you a slightly different feeling: they will seem to pulsate.

Remember to test everything in the crook of your elbow first to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction.

Get away from yourself and don’t obsess

If you do not have an orgasm during partner sex (or not only partner sex) – this is insulting, but not fatal. Was it before? When did he disappear? Let me guess, when did the whole thing start? It means that he will return like a little one, he will not go anywhere. But the more you think about how to get your orgasm back, the further it will move away from you.

Orgasm comes when you are relaxed and joyful. So, as sex blogger Elena Galetskaya says, “leave yourself alone."

Has your personal life suffered from the stress around you?

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