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There can be many favorite positions for women in sex, but there are some positions that become the main ones in achieving the greatest pleasure and orgasm. Every man should know the special and beautiful sex positions of a woman in order to bring a woman to orgasm.

Where should you start?

  • Strengthen your feelings. Certain smells and sounds can have a huge impact on libido. Think about what triggers the right mood before sex. For example, before sex, put on jazz.
  • Be selfish. Worrying too much about your partner’s pleasure means you’re ignoring your own feelings. You should drown out the internal monologue "How do I do it right?" and just enjoy the experience. Otherwise, sex becomes more work than play and pleasure.
  • Stay on course. Memories from a stressful day still manage to creep into my mind, even as sex begins. You should try to focus your thoughts exclusively on the physical condition and new sensations and pay attention to every touch of your partner.

Features of Women’s Favorite Sex Positions
 If you want to climax at the end of sex, the simplest but most beautiful positions are often
the best positions, and with a few tweaks, you can make them even more special.
1. Let’s start with the very first missionary position. There is a well-known classic and beautiful pose, but in fact there are so many different ways in this classic pose.
The woman is lying on the bed and lies on her back. Place a pillow under your buttocks and lift your hips a little. Raise your legs up and back towards your shoulders, as if unfolding in half. A man in this position enters from the front and this allows him to penetrate more deeply into a woman and provide her with even more pleasure and let her experience new sensations in sex. In addition, a man can stimulate a woman’s G-spot. Such a warm-up in sex allows you to prime yourself for a more intense orgasm.
2. Doggy Style
A position where the woman is on all fours and the man enters from behind. This position puts the woman in control, allowing the man to set the pace. In addition, such a beautiful position allows for deeper penetration, making the man feel like a king in the bedroom.
The woman lies on her stomach, slightly raising her butt so that the man can enter. A man can lie on top of a woman on her back, and clasping her hips with his hands, help support them at the top. For greater comfort and relaxation, you can put a pillow under the stomach closer to the pubis, which allows you not to strain the pelvis, but to completely relax and have fun. This position in sex not only provides increased friction inside the vagina, but the woman can also stimulate her clitoral area on the bed.
 3.With all the twisting and bending that goes on during sex, sometimes sex can BEAUTIFUL FEMALE POSES DURING SEXfeel like a cardio workout. That’s why it’s so important to have at least one relaxed orgasm and the next position is just for that purpose. While the woman is on her back, the man should lie on his side, turned towards the woman, and enter as if halfway from the woman’s back. That is, a man, as it were, crawls under a woman. This position allows both partners to relax. For the climax, this position will take a little longer. If you want to speed up this process a little, then the woman can stimulate herself or the man can help her, since the hands of both partners are not occupied.
 4.In some cases, a simple change in scenery can help achieve orgasm. For this step, you will need a table, for example, a kitchen table or one that will be tall at the man’s waist. Woman lie down on the table, only the buttocks should be on the edge of the table. The man enters between the woman’s legs. A woman can put her legs on her partner’s waist, on her shoulders, if flexibility allows. Also, a man can hold his legs under his knees and keep them bent and thereby pull the woman towards him. In this position, the man enters at a right angle and allows you to stimulate the clitoris.
 5. Emotional attachment matters for achieving orgasm. And there is no
configuration that is greater than waiting for the next position. In order to take a position, the woman simply lies sideways on the bed, the man lies behind his back, also on his side. Instead of moving in and out, the man must stay inside, pushing his penis very slowly against the front wall of the vagina. This position provides constant stimulation of the woman’s G-spot, which is the key to achieving orgasm from intercourse.
For the next pose you will need a chair. A man sits on a chair, and a woman sits on top of a man face to face to each other. In this position, the woman has a lot of control over the speed, the angle of penetration. The woman can use her arms and legs to help the man maneuver. Instead of just moving up and down, which can be especially tiring for some, this position can be rocked back and forth, rubbing the clitoral area against it. If the woman leans back a little, she can get more G-spot stimulation and the man can play with his clitoris. Plus, a woman’s breasts will line up perfectly with a man’s mouth, adding a whole other layer of sexual experience.
 6. Permanent Up
This applies to standing sex. A woman appears before a man in all its glory. A man has the ability to keep everything under control and enjoy the female body. In this position, a man can hold a woman in his arms or press him against a wall. Standing positions will also apply if a man leans a woman on a table or puts one foot on a chair.
 7. Beautiful pretzel pose
Woman lie down on her side. The lower leg remains flat and extended, the second leg raised up. The man comes in from behind, and the second leg wraps around the man’s waist. The man will kneel with the woman’s lower leg apart. In addition, the man may use his hand to support his leg.
The angle of the female body gives the male an incredible view of the action. Partners in this position must work together to find the rhythm.
 8. Flatiron position The
woman lies on her stomach, slightly lifting her hips up to allow for deeper penetration. This position allows both partners to feel intimacy.
Both partners are in the standard missionary position, but the man enters the woman at an angle of about 45 degrees to the side. Both partners get completely new sensations, but the man will get much more friction. Want to make it even hotter? Try squeezing your pelvic floor muscles for a throbbing sensation that will drive a man crazy.
 10. Butterfly position
Butterfly is quite simple, but very hot. The woman leans back on the edge of the bed while the man stands or crouches next to her to enter. Virtually every inch of a woman’s body is on display in this position, and no doubt a man will think it’s incredibly sexy. The man is definitely in a dominant role, but seeing the woman in a slightly vulnerable position, the man will enjoy and try to drive him crazy.
 11. Waterfall Position
Waterfall is intense for a man and men adore it. Have the man lie on his back at the edge of the bed with his shoulders and head hanging slightly to the floor. In this position, the blood rushes to the head, and the man experiences all the sensations in a new way. The woman herself does all the work on top of the man. Men like to leave their bodies completely in women’s hands.
All the considered positions, of course, are suitable, and not all men like them, but for the most part they do. For women, of course, some positions may not be suitable either. For example, positions with deep penetration are not suitable for all women, since different depths of the vagina and a man may have too much dignity. Women – feel free to experiment, take the initiative in your fragile hands and surprise your man. New positions and new sensations, of course, will give a lot of pleasure and orgasm.
 12. Reverse Cowgirl
In this position, the woman is on top of the man when the man is lying on the bed, on his back. But unlike the classic version of a woman on top, in this position the woman is with her back to her partner. This position gives the man a sexy view of the woman from behind and allows him to control the woman. This position does not allow for eye contact, but provides a nice contrast to some of the more classic, romantic positions.
 If you’re craving a connection, flash a glance at it while you’re doing your thing – it’ll take you both over the edge.
Do not be afraid to experiment, show imagination and endlessly surprise your partner with beautiful positions, and an orgasm is guaranteed!

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