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How to understand that a man is not going to marry you?


Have you been dating or living together for a long time, and the man stubbornly avoids talking about marriage or laughs it off? How, after all, to find out if he is going to go with you to the registry office?

The calmest man can lose all his composure if you constantly hint to him that it’s time to legitimize your relationship. Therefore, do not rush things. Take a closer look at your man’s behavior to find out if your relationship really has a future.

Does a man constantly try to provoke you into a scandal, knowing how you will react to his words and antics? This means that perhaps he has not yet grown morally and is trying to draw attention to himself in this way. Or does not consider your relationship as something serious, and wants to take a break from you. For a while or forever. In the first case, do not take on the role of a caring and patient mother, otherwise he will never feel like a real man. In the second – try and really take a little break from each other. Maybe during this time a man will finally have a decision to link his fate with you? Or you will part amicably.

If a man withdraws into himself with your careful attempts to dream about your future together, this does not mean that he is categorically against marrying you. Most likely, he just got used to not giving out his plans for the time being, so as not to frighten off luck. Or mentally evaluates at this moment your prospects for becoming a good wife for him. Try to put aside dreams of the future for a while and give your man maximum attention with all the love and sincerity that you can. If a man is really thinking about marriage with you, your efforts will not be in vain.

You can meet on your way a staunch opponent of matrimonial relations. Such men usually, on the contrary, like to talk about marriage, but only in a mocking way. You need to understand what caused such a bleak, in general, attitude. Unsuccessful family life of parents or friends? Any serious beliefs? Or is it just that he is so self-sufficient that you are also needed nearby only “for show"? If he is based only on someone else’s bitter experience, instill confidence in him. If he professes some kind of teaching, learn at least the basics of this strange religion in order to understand how to proceed. If he needs you only as a companion, leave him forever. Perhaps in old age he will marry someone, but only in order to brighten up old age.

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