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No matter what happens in your life together, but if the divorce did take place, then it should have happened. Do not think that divorce is the end of your life. Maybe for a joint life it is the end, but for your personal life it is the beginning of a new and certainly wonderful period!

The question of how to survive a divorce if you love is often heard at receptions and online consultations with psychologists. We have studied in detail the most effective tips and we strongly recommend that you wipe your tears now, carefully read the following points and certainly try to put them into practice. After all, you want to arrange your future and certainly happy life and not miss the opportunity for career growth?

Children and divorce How to survive?

One way or another, you made the decision to divorce together with your husband, but children do not choose or change their parents, they are simply presented with a fait accompli. But after all, the children’s world is also collapsing – their parents are getting divorced. Therefore, your main task in this difficult period for all of you will be to take care of the children.

1 Be sure to talk to your child like an adult. Explain to him why divorce is inevitable. It will be good if the father of the child is also present at this conversation. Only no screams, tantrums and mutual accusations! Children may have a complex of unjustified feelings of guilt.

2 There can be many husbands, but the father of a child is still one. Therefore, do not forbid them to see and communicate if the child needs it. Children should know that not only mom loves them, but also dad.

3 Do not try to glue a broken cup with the help of children! It is better to immediately establish the rules of your joint communication, so that later it would not be excruciatingly painful from periodically flashing feelings.


Divorce with a beloved man. How to survive?

Of course, it is easier to part with your husband, who was just an attribute of family life for you, without any special feelings and emotions. But how to survive a divorce from a husband, without whom you see no meaning in life? A divorce from a loved one can cause serious trauma to your psyche, so if the tears do not dry up and fall asleep without sedatives, you will have to seek help from a psychologist for a long time. Professional psychologists recommend:

• set a goal to become happy;

• splash out the negative – do not hesitate to cry, beat the dishes, sometimes swear, the main thing is to make you feel better;

• do not isolate yourself from close people – they will find words of support and consolation, and maybe even cheer you up;

• friends, hobbies, fitness, cinemas, work – the more activities, the less time for suffering;

• get rid of resentment, anger, jealousy, envy of your ex-husband – forget about his existence;

• do not try to fill the emptiness with a new man until there is room in your soul for new feelings;

• make a list of things that were not available to you in family life – perhaps a trip with a girlfriend or a trip to a spa, or even a disco with strippers will help you unwind;

• divorce is an already accomplished action, try not to think about it in terms of “if";

• a well-groomed woman who knows her worth will definitely become happy!


Surviving a divorce is difficult, but not impossible. Now everything is in your hands, because now you don’t have a ballast around your neck in the form of a husband who requires, in addition to a delicious dinner, ironed shirts, attention and care, regular sex, and also his complete male freedom! The main thing is to find the positive aspects in divorce and change your attitude towards it. May your life become bright, rich and happy without the presence of an ex-husband in it!

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