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David Schwimmer reveals if Ross and Rachel had that ‘break’


The network continues to appear new details of the special edition of the series "Friends", work on which was postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus. The other day, 53-year-old David Schwimmer, who played romantic paleontologist Ross Geller in the cult sitcom, virtually visited the studio of The Tonight Show.

In a video chat with host Jimmy Fallon, Schwimmer discussed his character and his rocky relationship with Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green, and revealed the details of a special featuring all of the show’s key cast members.

David Schwimmer

So, David answered the host’s question whether Ross and Rachel actually had that "break" that they talk about throughout all seasons of the sitcom. It’s about a situation that happened in the episode titled "The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break" in Season 3. Then Ross and Rachel had a big fight, after which she said that they needed to take a break. Following the frustrated hero Schwimmer went to a bar in the company of Joe and Chandler, where he got drunk and slept with a girl named Chloe.

David Schwimmer reveals if Ross and Rachel had that 'break'

This topic becomes a key issue in Ross and Rachel’s relationship. The opinion of the fans on this matter is also ambiguous: some take the side of Ross, justifying him by the fact that at that moment they were on a break, while others, on the contrary, support Rachel.

— dotted all i David.

David Schwimmer reveals if Ross and Rachel had that 'break'

Schwimmer also said that fans of the series are so occupied and at the same time amused by the topic of the relationship between Ross and Rachel that most often they shout after him on the street the famous phrase of his character: "We had a break."

David also revealed when the Friends special is set to resume filming and revealed some details about the episode featuring Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry.

David Schwimmer reveals if Ross and Rachel had that 'break'

Schwimmer said.

The first episode of Friends aired on NBC in 1994. The sitcom has been on the air for 10 years, during which time it has gained millions of fans around the world, who are now looking forward to the release of a new episode.

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