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Worst Celebrities


In pursuit of an ideal figure, celebrities acquire one of the most stellar diseases – anorexia. Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy suffered from this disease, it was from them that the fashion for thin beauties began. Now they grace the covers of fashion magazines and act in films, forcing armies of female fans to torture themselves with diets and exercise until a sweat. These are Keira Knightley, Mary-Kate Olsen, Megan Fox, Victoria Beckham and others.

If you look at photographs of models from the beginning of the 20th century, you can see pretty well-fed and quite satisfied women. Thanks to the feminine forms, the clothes sat perfectly on them. In the 60s, the situation changed dramatically with the advent of the famous Twiggy. She was so thin that she looked more like a clothes hanger. After that, this nickname was firmly attached to the models.

The fashion for excessive thinness has survived to this day. It is promoted from TV screens, from the pages of the glamorous press and from model catwalks. The thinnest celebrities become Hollywood stars, win awards and new roles, and show impressionable fans the idea that success only comes to the skinny.

It is already difficult to call harmony and can often be explained by the manifestation of a rather terrible disease called anorexia. And given that the photo and video camera gives some magnification, one can only imagine how the stars actually look.

One such celebrity is Keira Knightley. She has an outstanding dramatic talent and a charming appearance, but at the same time she suffers from anorexia. She denies this fact in every possible way, not hiding that she is familiar with this disease, which her grandmother suffered from. However, she admits that she often feels huge and awkward, and this is the first sign of illness.

Angelina Jolie fell ill during one of the most difficult periods of her life, when her mother died of cancer. The women were very close, and it was not easy for Angelina to lose such a close person. For a long time she suffered from depression, from which she could only get out with the help of a loving husband and children. She managed to cope with the disease, and her figure regained feminine forms.

For many years, anorexia has been attributed to Victoria Beckham. For this reason, she could not get pregnant for a long time, until finally, at the insistence of the doctors, she sat down on a diet rich in carbohydrates. The usual diet of the English style icon is vegetable and protein foods, and 6 times a week she works out to exhaustion in the gym.

Mary-Kate Olsen, one of the famous twins, looks like a real dystrophic compared to her sister. She, too, did not recognize the disease until she was in the hospital with a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa. The actress had to spend almost 2 months in a rehabilitation center to restore her health.

Megan Fox, who is called the successor to Angelina Jolie, is also the owner of a wasp waist. The girl was suspected of anorexia when she appeared in an Armani advertisement. Then she was exhausted from filming in the movie "Transformers" and did not look her best. However, she managed to refute the rumors about the disease, recovering by several kilograms. And when she became pregnant, then talk about it completely stopped.

The problem of excessive thinness of models has worried doctors before. But after the girl died right on the podium, they began to sound the alarm. Designers, subjected to such an onslaught, were forced to soften the standards of beauty. However, slimness seems to never go out of fashion.

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