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Enough tolerating this! Artists sued for libel


Not everyone was able to prove their case

In the life of stars, quite unpleasant events sometimes occur, as in the life of any person. However, in the case of celebrities, the scandal can develop to a global scale. Unscrupulous "yellow" publications, as well as people who want to cash in on the rich and famous, often "poison" the lives of stars who have to make considerable efforts to "clear" their name. Today we remember the artists who said to themselves: “Enough of this!"

Geoffrey Rush

Popular Australian actor Geoffrey Rush, best known for his role as Captain Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, suddenly faced accusations against him that his colleagues could not believe. The local newspaper published an article that published information regarding what a young colleague of Jeffrey said about the harassment by the Hollywood legend. The information was unverified, however, caused serious damage to the actor’s reputation. Rush filed a lawsuit against the newspaper, although few believed in success. However, the publication could not confirm the information from its own article, Rush won the case and received compensation in the amount of $100,000.

Enough tolerating this! Artists sued for libel

Johnny Depp

The Hollywood actor has not been able to “part” with his ex-wife for more than five years now. After the divorce, the former spouses came to an agreement by signing a paper stating that they had no claims against each other. But after a couple of years, the woman began to hint in her interviews about violence against her from one of the former. One of the largest British tabloids published an article where he directly called Depp a "wife beater." The actor filed for publication in a London court, however, the judge did not satisfy his claim, saying that "in principle, such a situation could happen." And yet, the actor does not give up, and next year he will have to face the court directly with the instigator himself – his ex-wife.

Robbie Williams

The British chart star has always fended off questions regarding his sexual orientation. It got to the point that the artist had to go through several trials: as many as three publications wrote in the middle of the 2000s that Robbie might not be quite traditional. The cup of patience overflowed, and the singer filed a lawsuit. The court sided with the artist, the publications had to apologize and pay compensation to Williams.

Enough tolerating this! Artists sued for libel

John Travolta

The story that happened to John might seem funny if it had not reached the court. The artist was sued by … masseurs. The men claimed that the actor offered them a large sum in order to get a "sequel with a sequel." The offended masseurs were so outraged, they said, that they went to court. However, the actor’s lawyer managed to convince the judge that the men’s accusations were simply ridiculous. Travolta won the case rather quickly, the court did not find the history of masseurs convincing.

Enough tolerating this! Artists sued for libel

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