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Film selection for winter holidays


We decided to dedicate this year’s first column of film critics to a fresh selection of films for schoolchildren so that they would not be bored during the winter holidays.


Post-apocalyptic fantasy starring Tom Hanks. Our beautiful Blue Planet has become a desert. Radiation burned out all living things, and those few people who survived, "brutalized" in the struggle for the remnants of food. The hero of Tom Hanks – Finch – managed to retain his humanity. He keeps himself apart from other people, caring more about his dog than about himself. When Finch realizes that he is terminally ill and his days are numbered, he is worried about what will happen to his four-legged friend when he himself is gone. Then in the past, the inventor Finch constructs a smart robot, which he begins to teach to take care of the dog. Together they go on a journey, during which they learn to survive and help each other.

Year: 2021
Duration: 115 minutes
Country: USA

Incorrigible Ron

A fun and meaningful family fantasy about innovative technologies. The protagonist of this wonderful cartoon is schoolboy Barney. The boy is an outcast in his school. He has no friends at all. And how can he get them if all his peers have expensive super-popular bibot toys? These amazing robots are fully connected to the inner world of the child, help him find friends by interests, maintain social networks, etc. After learning how much Barney wants a bebot, his dad and grandma give him a robot. However, it turns out to be defective and at first makes the life of the owner even more unbearable. Ron (that’s what the beebot calls himself) obviously has something wrong with the installation program, and Barney is already going to the store to exchange him for a correctly working robot.

Year: 2021
Duration: 106 minutes
Country: USA, UK, Canada

Einbo. Heart of the Amazon

Adventure family fantasy, a kind of cocktail from the plots of the film "Avatar", from which the forest glowing neon at night, the cartoon franchise "Ice Age" with its eccentric animal friends and "Valley of the Ferns" with its ecological theme were clearly borrowed from. The action of the new animation takes place deep in the Amazonian jungle – in the small village of Kandamo. The leader of the tribe fell down an unknown disease, the appearance of which he associates with some ancient curse. Now he is forced to cede the reins of power to his young daughter Zumi. The girl is incredibly frightened by such an early responsible appointment. She can only rely on the support of her friend – Ainbo. Zumi and Ainbo have been inseparable since childhood. After all, Ainbo’s parents left this world early, and the girl was brought up in the family of the leader of her tribe along with their own daughter.

Year: 2021
Duration: 80 minutes
Country: Peru, Netherlands

Big Red Dog Clifford

Great family fantasy. The action takes place today in New York. Emily is a high school student. Together with her mother, she lives rather modestly in a small apartment. The girl diligently studies at a prestigious school, but regularly experiences bullying from more affluent classmates. One day, her mother is forced to leave town, and Emily stays with her uncle. Together they wander into an unusual shop, which turns out to be much larger from the inside than it seemed from the outside. The seller here looks like a wizard, and he sells pets. It is he who introduces Emily to a small puppy with an unusual red color. The girl falls in love with the dog at first sight, but her uncle categorically refuses to buy a puppy. Emily’s disappointment knows no bounds. But what will be her surprise when, upon returning home, the four-legged friend she liked so much ends up in her backpack. Uncle, although angry, allows his beloved niece to leave the puppy until the morning. Emily calls him Clifford and sleeps in an embrace. But in the morning the idyll will be replaced by bewilderment. After all, overnight Clifford will increase abnormally in size …

Year: 2021
Duration: 97 minutes
Country: UK, Canada, USA

Happy viewing and happy winter holidays!

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