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Jennifer Aniston at a meeting in Beverly Hills


Jennifer Aniston

Last weekend, the paparazzi filmed 50-year-old Jennifer Aniston in Beverly Hills – the actress went on business, and at the same time managed to shop a little (this is evidenced by a box with some kind of beauty product in her hand). Jen dressed very comfortably and conveniently: in a pink top, blue leggings, Nike sneakers and sunglasses. Having quickly settled all matters, Aniston got behind the wheel of her convertible sports car and drove off in an unknown direction.

Jennifer Aniston at a meeting in Beverly Hills

However, fans of the actress are now discussing not so much her excellent taste in choosing cars and beautiful appearance, but the latest publication of her ex-husband Justin Theroux on his Instagram. The fact is that recently the actor’s beloved dog Dolly died. He saw off his pet Thera on his last journey, as Internet users believe, along with Aniston – female hands are visible in the pictures.

Jennifer Aniston at a meeting in Beverly Hills

Dolly was the couple’s common pet, but after the divorce of the spouses, she remained with the actor.

– write in the comments to Justin.

Recall that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been married for two and a half years. In a joint statement released regarding the breakup, the two revealed that they remained friends. Among the main reasons for the breakup of the couple is the infidelity of the actor. Now Aniston, according to insiders, is ready for a new relationship, but due to a busy work schedule, she cannot devote proper time to her personal life.

says the source.

Jennifer Aniston at a meeting in Beverly Hills

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