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Fresh movie selection for the holiday weekend


Do you find special pleasure in lying in front of the TV on New Year’s holidays, but don’t know how to watch such an atmospheric one? Then our today’s film selection is for you!

An extraordinary story for Christmas

Título original: The Man Who Invented Christmas.
Costumed tragicomedy-biopic. New York, 1842 Charles Dickens, after the success of his novel about Oliver Twist, travels around America, where he is warmly received. The literary idol is pleased, but American manners are alien to him, and he misses home. However, in London, a creative crisis awaits him. Already a year later, he barely makes ends meet, his three new novels completely fail in sales. His agent manages to get an advance payment from the publisher for writing another book. The plot for her, Dickenson manages to be inspired by the new maid, who tells the children of the literary genius amazing stories that she herself learned from her grandmother.

Country: Ireland, Canada
Year: 2017
Duration: 104 minutes

couple on holidays

Perhaps one of the best Christmas comedy melodramas starring Emma Roberts. Her heroine – a young girl named Sloan – once again broke up with her boyfriend. The girl herself is not particularly burdened by loneliness. However, she is seriously tired of her family’s expectations regarding the arrangement of her personal life. Tired of the claims of girlfriends for their male freedom and Jackson. It is during this difficult period for both that Sloane and Jackson meet in a clothing store after Christmas, trying to return gifts inappropriately given by relatives. It was then, after talking with a new casual acquaintance, Jackson offers Sloan to become his couple for the holidays. Young people agree without obligation to meet for the holidays and spend them together so that friends and family do not bother them with imposing new partners.

Country: USA
Year: 2020
Duration: 103 minutes


The musical, based on the collection of children’s poems by Thomas Stearns Eliot "Popular Science of Cats by Old Possum" and is a film adaptation of the musical of the same name by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The action takes place on the streets of London. According to the plot, the cat Victoria is thrown into the trash. Here she meets many feline representatives of the backyard, from whom she learns about the ball, which is about to begin. It will choose the best representative of the tribe. Applicants must tell their life story, and the winner will go to cat heaven.

The film is a bright and original graphic symbiosis of people and cats, music and dance, and its decoration is the participation of celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Judi Dench.

Country: UK, USA
Year: 2019
Duration: 110 minutes

fairy godmother

Comedy fantasy starring Gillian Bell. Her heroine is a young fairy named Eleanor. She studies at the school of magic, dreams of becoming someone’s fairy godmother and making some girl truly happy. But the trouble is that people stopped believing in miracles and calling on the help of fairies. If in the near future none of the people need help, then all the fairy godmothers are threatened to be demoted to tooth fairies, and the school itself will be closed forever. Then Eleanor, in desperation, conducts an audit in a special order room and miraculously finds a letter from a 10-year-old girl, Mackenzie, who asks her fairy godmother to help her charm the boy she likes. Eleanor selflessly sets out to carry out this task in order to save the school of magic. However, when, not without difficulty, Eleanor finds Mackenzie, in front of her is not a 10-year-old girl, but a mature woman,

Country: USA
Year: 2020
Duration: 110 minutes

Have fun and enjoy watching!

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