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From engagement to marriage


This is the most exciting period in the life of the bride and groom. From the day a man proposes to a woman and she answers “yes", and until the moment when their marriage becomes official, it can take either a month or a whole year. However, if earlier the period from the engagement to the wedding was a real series of holidays and gifts, today this time is given only to prepare for a future event. Unfortunately, for many girls who take on an unbearable burden of pre-wedding troubles, the time between engagement and marriage is remembered as one big fuss …

As a rule, the first question that is asked to the newlyweds after the engagement is “when do you plan to set the wedding day”? Of course, it is hardly worth being cunning with your soul and saying that the date has not yet been chosen. If the engagement was not a surprise, that is, both the groom and the bride discussed it in advance, they probably thought about when they would go to the registry office.

In the old days, the engagement, which was considered an official event, could last as long as you like, up to several years. Today, hardly any bride will agree to wait so long. On the contrary, the time from parental blessing to marriage registration can take only a couple of weeks. True, this requires good reasons, documented. For example, the conscription of the groom into the army or the ambulance hospitalization of one of the members of the future family.

But the standard period from a modern engagement to a wedding is a few months. Some need two, some six. It all depends on how magnificent the celebration is planned and how long it will take to prepare for it.

Usually, all preparations fall on the future bride, her mother, the witness and, if possible, the mother-in-law. Ideally, you should distribute the load among everyone who is ready to help. For example, the bridesmaids are responsible for the ransom scenario, the mother-in-law helps coordinate the festive menu, the mother travels with the bride to choose a dress and accessories for it … It is better to entrust the purchase of alcohol, fireworks and other male pleasures to the groom and his comrades.

After the list of pre-wedding cases has been compiled, an application has been submitted to the registry office, invitations have been sent out, and preparations are going on as usual, the young should relax. During this period, they are closer than ever to each other, waiting for a grandiose event that will change their whole life. Many couples, in an effort to become even closer to each other, find a common cause. For example, they sign up for a dance studio to learn a wedding waltz, or spend the evenings choosing a honeymoon tour.

The wedding day is the logical outcome of months of preparation, excitement and dreams. In the old days, on this day, the girl took off her engagement ring with a diamond from her right hand and waited for the groom to put an engagement ring on her left hand, a symbol of eternal love and marital fidelity. Until now, in many families, the engagement rings of great-grandmothers are kept as a relic and passed down from generation to generation. They are believed to bring good luck to brides.

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