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How to respond to an interview invitation


Finding a job is a very important and exciting stage in life. How to win the sympathy of the employer even before the official conversation? The answer is simple: correctly answer the proposal for a future interview!

You have submitted your resume and are looking forward to a response. If you are interested in the employer, then he can answer you in two ways: by phone call or by e-mail.

Prepare in advance for a possible call. In a separate notebook, write down the companies to which you sent your resume. Be sure to indicate the name and position of the person indicated in the coordinates for this vacancy, as well as a telephone number for communication. Keep a notepad handy so that in the event of a call, you can quickly review the information and find your bearings.

Keep in mind that after submitting your resume, you can get a call at any moment, so match your daily routine with the work schedule that is adopted in many companies (usually from 9.00 am to 18.00 pm). This is necessary so that the employer calling you to set an interview date does not hear the sleepy voice of a person on the phone who cannot figure out what issue he is being called on.

When answering the call, say hello warmly and carefully answer all the questions that the employer will ask. Write down the date, address, and time of the interview, and be sure to include the name and phone number of someone to contact in case of an emergency. Feel free to ask clarifying questions so that you don’t end up in a stupid position later. After clarifying all the details, thank the employer for the call and say goodbye politely.

In case you cannot come to the interview on time or something happened to you, be sure to call back, warn about being late or find out if it is possible to reschedule the interview. There are different situations in life and a call with an explanation of the reason for being late and an apology may be counted in your favor in the future.

If you receive an invitation to an interview by email, you must respond as soon as possible. It may look something like this: “Dear (th) … (name of the person who sent you the invitation)! Thank you for the invitation to the interview. I would be happy to come to such and such an address at such and such a time. Sincerely, (your surname, name, patronymic, as well as a contact phone number).» If something in the invitation is not clear to you, then do not hesitate to ask all the questions you are interested in in order to come to the interview fully armed.

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