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How the hosts for the Oscars are selected: who are they


The Oscars are held annually in Los Angeles. This is perhaps the most high-profile event in Hollywood cinema, a life-changing event for actors and directors. The producers of the show try to make it as interesting as possible in order to earn money from advertising. Practically decisive in this case is the choice of the leader. As a rule, these are famous comedians, but there are exceptions.

The Oscars ceremony is broadcast live, so the host must be reliable and as predictable as possible. Following the script is very important, because all the moments of the show are timed to the smallest detail. For this reason, it is often hosted by the same stars who have fallen in love with the audience, their colleagues and Oscar producers.

The American comedian Billy Crystal is rightfully considered the most famous host of the main cinema ceremony of the year for modern viewers. He led the ceremony 9 times between 1990 and 2012. He is called a comedy legend and an Oscar icon. Krystal’s jokes are sometimes on the edge, but a little "salt" is even good for the show. Moreover, the objects of his jokes – the stars in anticipation of the coveted statuette – laugh genuinely and noticeably relax before going on stage.

Cristal’s colleague Steve Martin has hosted the Oscars three times. That’s what a TV presenter is called in English. And this is true, because he has a great responsibility. In 2010, Steve shared this difficult fate with close friend Alec Baldwin. The producers felt that their tandem would refresh the ceremony, especially in the wake of the success of their joint work, the comedy Simple Difficulties.

Whoopi Goldberg led the ceremony four times. She made her debut in this role in 1994 and has since been considered one of the best presenters on television. Whoopi is one of the few who not only hosted the Oscar, but also became its winner. In 1991, she received a statuette for her supporting role in the fantasy film Ghost.

Hugh Jackman, who became the host of the ceremony in 2009, is called the best host of the Oscars. This is not surprising, since in three hours he gave everything 100%, never deviating from the script. Jackman sang, danced, joked, surprised and, of course, smiled his charming smile. With his game, he raised the show to a new level, again attracted the attention of the audience that had begun to fade. Hugh Jackman was perhaps the only non-comedy actor invited to host this event.

Bob Hope holds the record for Oscar nominations. This distinguished man led the ceremony 19 times from 1939 to 1977. And although he himself has never even been nominated for this award, his contribution to the development of American cinema and television is enormous. He built one of the longest careers, living to be 100 years old. Hope was a film actor, acted in the theater, participated in variety shows, appeared on radio and television, produced his own shows and performed soundtracks.

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