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Where to have sex

Cozy sex in bed will sooner or later get bored even by ardent adherents of stability. Sometimes you really want to try something new, get hitherto unexperienced pleasures and sensations … So what, in fact, is the problem? You can spice up your sex life by making love in some unusual place. The unfamiliarity of the situation and the possibility of being taken by surprise by someone will activate the adrenaline rush, making your feelings truly enchanting. 

Sex in unusual places

1. If you are not looking for novelty, not extreme sports, you can start by examining your apartment. You can literally make love in every room. For example, many girls are impressed by sex on a washer wringing out clothes. Many pleasant minutes can be spent on the windowsill or balcony, however, do not forget about caution and do not fall off the impromptu "love bed". Well, there is a chance that neighbors will notice you. However, for many couples, this only adds to the excitement.

2. Parent’s bedroom. If you’ve come to visit your parents, but they haven’t returned from work yet, have a quick flashy sex on their bed! Unusual sensations are guaranteed to you. And to provoke your boyfriend or husband, ask him: “Where is our daddy?"

3. Sex on the roof – the most affordable of extreme sex entertainment. Of course, if you are afraid of heights, it is better not to climb so high, but limit yourself to, say, an attic or a landing.

4. Sex in the bosom of nature. You can choose a variety of options for places – from a city park and a forest edge to the edge of a cliff and a snow-covered field. Extreme in such lovemaking is really more than enough – the risk of falling, being bitten by insects or meeting with a wild animal is compensated by the fullness of sensations that you cannot achieve at home.

5. Sex in the water. You may have already done it in the bath, but what about lakes, rivers and seas? The only thing is that women do not interfere with stocking up for such a rendezvous gel – lubricant, since being in water disrupts the natural secretion process.

6. Another, if not the most original, but very popular and in some cases extreme place for sexual fun is a car. If this is already a classic for you, complicate the conditions – make love in a traffic jam, at a car wash or parked near a traffic police post. Read more about car sex on our website.

7. Alternatively, you can have sex in the workplace. You will get the most adrenaline by doing this on the boss’s desk. But do you have enough courage and recklessness for this?!

8. Our TOP – 10 original places for sex would be incomplete without the last row in the cinema. Sex adventure will brighten up even the most boring movie. The girl just sits on her knees to her lover, as if she can’t see well, and … in general, experiment!

9. Toilet in a restaurant or cafe. Whether you come to relax with friends or sit tete-a-tete, you can always escape from the hall for ten minutes and satisfy your “sexual hunger”. In good establishments, toilets are very hygienic, so you can indulge in spontaneous passion without thinking about the unsanitary environment around you!

10. Sex near attractions. To love each other in the ruins of an ancient building or at the foot of a "sleeping" volcano – isn’t this a real extreme and a powerful release of adrenaline – an endorphin fountain ?! If you dare to do this, the memory of your sexual madness will become the main "highlight" of the vacation, and maybe the whole life together.

Tell us about your experience and your original places in the comments, we are very interested.

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