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How is it right to do this?

Let’s make a reservation right away: you will not find a set of rules and restrictions for the "correct" sex here. For, trying to come up with instructions for the sacrament (which is ridiculous in itself), people lose the main thing: the pleasure for which it all began. However, there are a number of nuances that you should know about in order not to screw up in this interesting business, and to experience the whole gamut of feelings. The most important obstacle to enjoying sex is the inability to weaken control over oneself, experiences (for girls, their subject is appearance, for boys – size) – completely extraneous thoughts are spinning in my head that prevent you from relaxing and experiencing, if not an orgasm, then at least just pleasant feelings of intimacy with a loved one.

How to have sex?

Let’s still find the answer to the question of how to do this correctly … According to Zeland, it is the inability to weaken control over oneself that is the main cause of frigidity and impotence. A full-fledged sex makes the "turning off" the mind and concentration on bodily sensations – you are guided by the body, which knows what it needs. Another mistake during sex is the desire to try as many positions as possible – forget about the quantity, and enjoy the quality. If the partner’s actions cause discomfort, are unacceptable for you, be sure to tell him about it. Do not be silent! Otherwise, the game, the purpose of which was to get pleasure, will turn into violence, leaving a scar in the soul of the silent victim.

Result: negative attitude towards sex, clamps, inability to get pleasure. In articles about “this", there is often a postulate: do not get hung up on your own pleasure, think about your partner. That’s how it is, there really is no need to get hung up, but, returning to the same Zeland, we will find: sex is the desire to take. Scoring for their own pleasure and adjusting to their lover, girls and women make a mistake: they become a tool for their partner’s self-satisfaction. That is, it all comes down to banal masturbation with the help of another person.

There is no mystery here, there is vulgarity. According to research, men most often want in the morning, women feel desire and readiness in the evening. However, there are many women who are not averse to having sex in the morning – the main thing is to listen to yourself, the statistics will wait. In sex, everything that is permissible between partners is natural and beautiful. This is the main rule. 

There is only one conclusion, it is right to do this regularly, try to have sex as often as possible, this is the true answer to the eternal question.

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