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How to excite a man in bed: kisses, caresses, touches


The art of love is multifaceted and difficult enough to comprehend in a short time. For many it takes a lifetime. There are quite a few questions that arise in connection with the intimate side of life in women. One of them, for example, is how you can excite a man in bed with kisses, caresses and touches. Experts are trying to give their recommendations to ladies in order to make their personal life more complete and rich.

Very often there are situations when men prefer to give supremacy in bed to a woman. And sometimes such actions of the gentleman confuse the lady. After all, not everyone knows how to excite a man in bed.

How to excite a man with kisses

You can caress a man with kisses. Tactics must be chosen based on the type and character of your gentleman. Some people like light, fleeting, furtively broken kisses. It is with the help of these that you can make even a strong guy feel good in bed. Sexologists, on the other hand, assure that light, unobtrusive kisses can cause an erection in a man much faster than passionate and deep ones.

By the way, you should not write off passionate kisses. Sometimes one deep, but unexpected, is able to arouse genuine interest in a man and evoke the most vivid emotions in him.

No less important is the choice of zone for kissing. According to studies, the earlobes and lips are especially sensitive areas in men. Therefore, gentle touches with lips of such zones in almost any situation lead to one result. Therefore, a woman in bed needs to behave quite relaxedly, take the initiative in her own hands – whisper cute nonsense in the man’s ear, slightly tickle the lobe with her lips, lightly touch her lips with her lips, and the man will surrender to the mercy of the winner.

Excite a man with touch

Alternatively, you can try to excite your loved one without kissing, but with the help of ordinary touches. Various strokes are especially effective on gentlemen. One of the zones, to the caresses of which almost all men subconsciously respond, is the neck. It is worth stroking it with the palm of your hand or your fingertips. But you should not use your nails – you can cause an attack of tickling.

Men also like breast stroking. The movements should be strong and confident, but at the same time very gentle.

Run your fingers along the back, along the spine, linger a little between the shoulder blades. This, as experts say, gives a man incomparable pleasure. Even such strokes can partially satisfy a man in bed.

Excite a man with caresses

The word affection is quite multifaceted – it includes kissing, touching, stroking, and much more. Naturally, from such attention to himself, a man quickly melts and surrenders under the spell of women. A particularly favorite caress in men is the one when a woman runs her breasts over his back and buttocks. As sexologists say, this option is the most win-win.

All specialists in intimate life agree on one thing – a girl needs to behave in bed very confidently and not to assume that she is doing some stupid things. Of course, it’s not worth hurting your partner on a wave of passion, but holding back is also not an option. That’s the only way it’ll work out.

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