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How to make the night unforgettable


Many women dream of giving their loved one an unforgettable night, they want to become special so that there is no equal lover and it does not occur to a man to change. When preparing for a special night, make some moments of preparation a rule for each new meeting.

Create a romantic and sensual setting in the room where you are going to spend the night with your loved one. Clean up, ventilate the room, change bed linen for cool silk. Throw decorative pillows on the bed – they will come to your aid in some sexual positions. For especially passionate natures, the classic version of lighting the bed of love with candles may not be suitable – there is a danger of turning them over and setting fire to the house! Use lamps with red lampshades or shades, there are light bulbs that imitate the flame of candles.

Try to find out in advance which of the intimate hairstyles your partner prefers to see, and do it. In general, approach hygiene and body care with all care. The smell of a clean body of a beloved woman for a man is better than any perfume. But the skin should be well-groomed, smooth and silky. It is worth visiting a spa or massage parlor for the best result. Stay here and spend time with your hair – treat it and freshen up your haircut.

Do not get carried away cooking in the kitchen – a night of love on a full stomach is impossible! Stock up on fruits, nuts and chocolate. Buy a bottle of good wine. If you get hungry, cook something light together later.

Underwear should not be worn, only sexy, best suited to your figure. Be sure to buy a fresh, seductive negligee so that you have something to throw on when you go to the bathroom or kitchen. True, in his absence, a T-shirt or shirt of a man always helps out.

When your loved one arrives, kiss him so that he has no doubts about his plans for tonight. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t need a bottle of wine just yet! Surrender to the feeling that will capture both of you – there is nothing better than naturalness in love. Do not covet and do not hide your desires – men are waiting for passion and ardor no less than women. You can even take a leading role – undress your partner sweetly slowly and kiss every cell of his body. Such a beginning of the night will be remembered for a long time by a man. Let him love you the way he wants to – enjoy every moment.

After satisfying the first sexual hunger, start a light conversation on a frivolous topic, during which find out what each of you expects from the continuation of the night. This way you will know exactly what your partner wants the most. If this does not disgust your desires, please your loved one. Undoubtedly, he, too, will do everything for you and even more. To maintain the atmosphere of love, turn on a beautiful erotic film. Falling asleep in each other’s arms, you will mumble gentle and affectionate words that will sound for a long time in your life!

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