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A big mistake is that many couples do not attach importance to foreplay. Young people meet and know if they want they can continue their relationship in bed.

Often the main role, especially for a man, is intercourse itself. A few decades ago, young people treated caresses quite differently. Guys and girls knew that sex before marriage was forbidden and tried to bring maximum pleasure to themselves and their partner with caresses, thereby bringing them to the limit. It’s not all right. Young people are free and do what they want.

The sexual revolution has made its own adjustments, many of them quite negative.

Caresses that excite a man

Foreplay should not begin in bed. The best sexual arousal is achieved by unexpected caresses. A woman who knows a lot about sexual life will always try to maintain an erotic mood in her partner.

A woman is not right if she is afraid to show her experience in bed comforts. She thinks that the partner will accuse her of excessive love affairs before him. Believe me, this happens, but only one percent of men out of a hundred can say something like that, and everyone else will really like that a woman is experienced in amorous affairs. It happens that a woman wants to caress her man’s penis, but is embarrassed to do so, so that he does not accuse her of looseness. And what do you think, such a woman will wait as long as necessary until the man directs the penis to the woman’s hand or mouth. Do not be afraid, do whatever you want, in bed it is only welcome.


Foreplay can start both a man and a woman, after a while the sequence may change. It all depends on the place, mood and sexual temperaments of the partners.

It’s time to figure out what kind of caresses excite men, and women too, what is there to hide. Do not forget that surprise is of great importance in excitement.

How to excite a man: tips

Use the magic of your eyelashes. If they are long and fluffy, then this is generally your weapon of seduction. In this case, they should not be used for their intended purpose. Run your eyelashes across your man’s lips, nipples, or the inside of the tip of his penis. This should be done slowly, speeding up the flashing. It is not we who came up with such actions, "butterfly" is a well-known sexual game.


Try to take a shower with your man from time to time. It’s very turning on. There is always the opportunity to lick water droplets from a man after a shower, to be his towel in some intimate places. It is clear that you will not lick the whole man.

Surely, you have never used a silk scarf in your sexual games. Stretch the scarf between the man’s thighs. Start moving it above the knees and above … You will understand that it is time to start taking action as the scarf gets wet.

A very sensitive area is the spine. Start caressing him with your tongue from the middle. The peak of the sensitivity of the back falls on the coccyx, near the buttocks. Licking, biting, kissing, massage are allowed. Pay special attention to the hollow on the hips.

Having long hair, play it with a man. Wrap your hair around your man’s penis, gently squeeze and pull, alternating weaker and stronger squeezes. Such actions for a man will be a kind of massage. The sensations are as pleasant as when caressing with hands, but the thought that this is a rather unusual way of delivering pleasure excites more.


Power up your nails. Pull the man’s buttocks so that they become tight. Then lightly caress them with your nails, touching the fluff. Pay special attention to the hips, shoulders, navel. If the navel is convex, you can suck it, and caress the cavity with your tongue.

Where the hips and torso meet are the pelvic nerves. They reach for where the hip bones protrude from the body. So, caressing these places with your fingers or tongue acts like an electric shock, causing the body to shudder and arch.

One of the most exciting parts of a woman’s body for a man is her breasts. If you have large breasts, then you can caress a man with it. The representatives of the stronger sex simply love it when a woman caresses their penis with her breasts. They are crazy about this move.

Good excitement gives even the most innocent massage. Do not be shy, show everything that you are capable of. In your case, the best place for a massage would be a wide bed or the floor where you can sit on your man. Surely, he will not mind, it will help him relax and get excited. Try giving a man a hands-free massage. Caress your back, shoulders, neck with your nipples, it will excite you both. Then move from top to bottom, do not forget to rub your pelvis against your partner. When your chest is above the man’s buttocks, move your nipples over the anus.

Take the risk of lubricating the nipple with oil or cream and lowering it into the anus, your partner will love it. He will be happy to squeeze and unclench the muscles, letting in and releasing the nipple. Move your nipples over your legs, paying special attention to the inside of your knees, tickle your feet and each toe.


It’s time to turn the man on his back. Try to repeat the technique from the beginning, but slightly changing the movements. Caress your neck with your chest, this is a very erogenous zone. We shouldn’t forget about it. Rub your nipples one by one against the man’s nipples. Rub your labia against the man’s cock, let the man slide along your perineum. Enjoy the moment, then smoothly move on to the most important thing. I guarantee that the completion of your love game will be simply unforgettable.

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