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How to have sex during an epidemic


Quarantine and self-isolation during the widespread spread of the coronavirus is not a whim, but a forced necessity. True, this is still not a reason to refuse sex. Here are five approaches to your sex life that will reduce the chances of getting infected yourself and ruining the lives of others – from sex blogger Tatyana Nikonova.

Condoms are your friends

Coronavirus is not sexually transmitted, but sexual infections are not dormant, so do not think of yourself an extra reason to go out and see a doctor. In addition, it will not be long before the healthcare system focuses on Covid-19 patients, and it will not be up to you. Therefore, buy not only buckwheat, but also condoms.

Wash your hands properly

But not only after crawling out into the street to take out the trash, but also before the actual sex. Wash your hands before any physical contact begins: even if both of you are not contagious, you can bring something in your hands and cover each other completely. How to wash your hands properly? Warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. For example, the chorus "Uno", with which Little Big goes to Eurovision, lasts 27 seconds – you will have time to wash and dry your hands.

Buy sex toys

And it’s better now, before quarantine is announced, otherwise the courier may not reach you one day. Orgasm is a serious matter, do not let it take its course, especially if you do not live with your partners. Again, there will be something to do in quarantine. Why courier? Buy online so you don’t have to leave your house again, everything will be delivered to you in an opaque package. The only question is what to take. There are two main options: either something exclusively for yourself (suitable for couples living together), or with the ability to transfer control over the device to a person on another street or even in another city. For the latter, buy sex toys from Kiiroo, We-Vibe or Lovense brands. They all have devices that connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and mobile applications with which you can not only control the toy, but also transfer control to someone else. Turn on Skype you give away control, and no one can tell you that you have not had partner sex. How did you do it!

Sex blogger Arina Kholina does not advise making the first purchase on the Internet. But if you already have experience – feel free to buy. During the virus season, it is better to reduce contacts

Consider reducing the number of sexual partners during the epidemic

Of course, the most convenient option is to have sex with a partner who lives with you. It doesn’t matter if you get infected, then together, it doesn’t matter if you had sex or not, so what’s the difference. However, it is not a fact that you and your partner live together, but there are also unions where there are more than two people. Then your task is to report that without washing your hands and observing maximum self-isolation, no one will definitely get any sex, because you are too valuable a creature to drag an infection to you. By the way, a good way to check how partners treat you.

How to have sex during an epidemic

Sex during an epidemic is still sex. Enjoy!

Hold your horses for a while if you are used to casual relationships

Leave bars and swing clubs for later, when the cure for coronavirus appears, and now every new person is a possible virus carrier, give up Russian roulette. If you stand your ground, then take care of yourself as much as possible: meet only online, stay at home, don’t touch anyone else, don’t hug when you meet, in general, isolate yourself. It is not a fact that this will save you from the disease, but not spreading it is also noble enough, so let you have no other contacts besides these contacts.

Health to you, take care of yourself and loved ones!

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