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Wedding cake – a symbol of the sweet life


Every year, by order of people who are going to get married (or their representatives), confectioners make dozens of cakes, each of which will later become the main, and possibly the only dessert of the wedding feast. The tradition of decorating the wedding table with a luxurious cake appeared more than a hundred years ago. Modern wedding cakes are different. Their base is most often made round, less often square, sometimes in the shape of a heart. The most popular in this century is the classic multi-tiered cake, which does not take up much space, and the view is very spectacular and very appetizing.

The traditional filling for a wedding cake is a biscuit, which is often stuffed with berries and nuts, and topped with butter cream. The weight of a wedding cake can be either five kilograms or ten. In general, the weight of the cake is determined by the number of guests – the more there are, the larger the confectionery masterpiece put on the festive table should be. On top of the cake, you can decorate with cream flowers, a cream heart, a cream congratulatory inscription or edible figurines depicting the newlyweds. Also, marzipan, orange slices, coconut flakes are used for exterior decoration of cakes.

Wafer cakes, and especially meringue cakes, are not recommended for wedding tables, because. they are very fragile and the cutting process can be disastrous.

It is better to order a wedding cake after the number of guests invited to the wedding is determined. Each guest should get at least 150 grams of sweet confectionery creation, this amount should be multiplied by the number of guests. If forty people are expected at the wedding, then the wedding cake should weigh at least six kilograms (it is better to order with a small margin, because among the invitees there are usually several sweet teeth who ask for more). Restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries are engaged in the manufacture of wedding cakes.
Wedding, Wedding ceremony – one of the family rituals that formalizes marriage. Its social significance comes down to creating a new family for the purpose of procreation, establishing kinship, changing the family and age status and publicly recognizing the status of the spouses. It belongs to the most complex organized rituals. It combines linguistic, folklore-poetic, ritual, musical, visual and other plans.

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