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How to meet a husband from a business trip


You always want to make a meeting with your beloved husband after his long or even one-day absence on official business something special. And it should not be a surprise with a talking closet at all. It is important not only to guess the state of an expensive hard worker – whether he is ready to indulge in passion, or whether he will be happy just by taking a shower and eating. Will he be pleased with your creative games and experiments planned for his arrival, or will he be delighted that the children have already been put to bed before his arrival, and peace and grace at home. The allforwomen.inform.click women’s magazine will tell you how to meet your husband from a business trip, and given that you cannot meet two identical families, you yourself can choose the right option for your case.

Tired and angry … or what?

Thinking about how to meet your husband from a business trip, be sure to remember the details of the missus’ trip. How much time did he spend outside his home? It can be just one day, when he did not even have time to get bored, or maybe an exhausting month-long marathon. How exactly does he return – 48 hours in a stuffy train car, an hour on a plane, or half a day of spinning the steering wheel of a car? How much time will he have to rest? It can be a completely free day – have fun and relax, or maybe just an hour for a blissful dream.

It is hard to imagine that a tired and exhausted man will be truly happy for his wife, dressed in fishnet underwear. The best option for meeting your husband from a business trip in this case is to give him a shower, prepare fresh linen and ensure a restful sleep in a clean marital bed. Food prepared for work will be a sign of love and care, which a man will certainly appreciate. But even if the holiday of meeting with your loved one is postponed, it does not need to be canceled by arranging after work.

Festive interior

The question " how to meet a husband from a business trip " can be answered in a truly creative way! For example, cheerful balloons scattered throughout the house will say louder than any words what rainbow feelings you are experiencing. Or maybe it will be a garland of hearts, or funny people in love, cut out of colored paper?

An interesting solution is a poster or a wall newspaper that a man will see as soon as he opens the door of the house. On a piece of drawing paper you can write “Welcome!", “How glad I am for your return!”, Or you can tell in verse or prose how much you missed your husband. If there are already children in your family, they can also put their hands on the dad’s meeting. Drawings on the theme "How we were waiting for dad" will fill the house with real comfort, and your man’s heart with gratitude.

Has the man already rested or, having arrived, is he not too tired? Play him a game with a romantic apartment guide. On the arrows that meet a man at the very threshold, you can write where he should take the next step, and what should happen. There, a new clue will be waiting for him. And so – to the final goal! The route can be like this: “Go to the bathroom and take a shower” – “Now go to the hall. Fresh clothes are waiting for you on the couch.” “There’s something tasty waiting for you in the kitchen…” “How about moving into the bedroom?” The two most important stages of this journey – food and sex, require special coverage in the romantic operation "How to meet a husband from a business trip."

The way to the heart: the traditional way

Feeding a man is sacred. The women’s magazine allforwomen.inform.click agrees with the opinion of most psychologists: the aroma of homemade cakes affects men without fail. Cosiness and a house-a full bowl are associated with pies and cheesecakes. If you are a fan of conjuring in the kitchen, please your husband with baked treats. If such a fuss at the stove is not for you, you can order delicious food from the restaurant. A bottle of wine wouldn’t hurt either.

How to meet a husband from a business trip so that it is not a banal family meeting? Of course it’s festive! Therefore, the design of dinner should not be ordinary. Beautiful glasses and plates, tablecloths and cutlery are important attributes of the holiday. You can’t let everyday everyday conversations go to the table: let the conversation be romantic, because your husband is unlikely to want to think about the work with which he spent so much time side by side.

Stranger Wife

And yet, the most important person that a husband longs to see when he comes back from a business trip is you! Sexy outfit – a peignoir or new lingerie, lace stockings, will be the best outfit. Thinking about how to meet a husband from a business trip, try experimenting not only with clothes, but also with your own images. What will be the surprise of a loved one when he is met on the doorstep by his wife, reincarnated as a nurse in a white short coat, or a schoolgirl in coquettishly lowered golfs? You can become a real exotic – a geisha! Kimono, eyeliner and intellectual sexuality – it will surely impress him.

How to meet a husband from a business trip

Instead of role-playing games, you can change the image. A new image can not only excite a man’s fantasy, but also give a relationship a new round.

A wonderful continuation of the evening is a striptease or massage, which can be moved not to the bedroom, but, say, to the bathroom. Before you meet your husband from a business trip, take care of candles and fragrant foam: they will create the right atmosphere. And the logical conclusion of the preparations will be enchanting sex!

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