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Why women can’t build a career


There are several reasons why women cannot move up the corporate ladder. Let’s uncover the problems that women face at work almost daily.

1. Objective reason.

A career is a pyramid, to the top of which one must strive. Men, unlike women, clearly set themselves the goal to which they aspire, and achieve promotion within the required period, while women only admire the top of the pyramid and are content with the position they are in. From here you can give this advice: set a clear goal, formulate it, determine your priorities.
Think and decide whether you really want and are able to build your own career, or is it just a pipe dream?

2. Subjective reason.

Not all women building their own careers really want this. Therefore, you need to think and answer this question for yourself so that you have an incentive and a goal.
Think about whether this desire to become a careerist is being imposed on you, or is it your own desire?
Or maybe you are already satisfied with everything, and you don’t need it at all?

3 Biological reason.

From this point of view, a woman supports the hearth, is the keeper and creator of home warmth and comfort. If she has not resolved the issue with the family, then he will constantly come to mind and interfere with the goal. The family needs a woman to be able to pay enough attention to her, so if you are not able to cope with housework, alas, you should forget about career growth. It is important to understand that building a career is easier after building a family. A family and small children cannot do without a mother, and problems can arise in business. Your choice is required here.

4. Social reason.

Successful careers are easy for men and hard for women, the reason is that a woman is not taken seriously in business and is considered too fragile to run any company. A young and beautiful girl is unlikely to be perceived as a business partner, first of all, she will be seen as a beautiful woman, so girls constantly have to prove their independence and resilience, the ability to cope with any problems, without this, nothing can be said about men, here they you don’t have to prove anything.

5. Organizational reason.

A man, unlike a woman, is able to plan and create long-term projects. It is necessary to be able to determine the scope of your business, your own plans and ambitions.
A woman needs to determine what kind of career she wants to get in the end: personal or official?

Why women can't build a career

6. Emotional reason.

Any person wants to work in a friendly, cheerful and warm team, but this is not always the case. Men by nature are accustomed to cope with such difficulties, which cannot be said about a woman. Women are very emotional and sometimes they do not have the patience to endure all the chaos of the work environment. Women need to learn to manage their emotions, personal time and relationships in the team.

7. Personal reason.

All people are different, and everyone can have a variety of problems on the way to building a career. Think about the barriers that might get in the way of your career progression.
Maybe you don’t have organizational skills?
Don’t know a foreign language?
Are you not qualified for the position?
Ask yourself all the questions that come to mind and answer them, and then try to fix the problems.
A career is not a matter of five minutes; you need to approach this process consciously. Remember, if you believe in yourself and that you will succeed, then so be it. Good luck in your new endeavors!
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