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“How to undress in front of your husband” and 9 more surprisingly old films about sex


What to watch in a long quarantine? Try an unusual selection of black and white sex movies. Yes, there are some! For many years it was believed that people should suppress their desires and think of sex only as a way to have a baby. So these films served an educational rather than entertaining function.

Puberty, pregnancy and behavior with a sexual partner – it was not customary to talk about this at the beginning of the last century. Cinema came to the aid of young people. Here are 10 old movies about sexual relationships.

10 "How to undress in front of your husband"

"How to undress in front of your husband" and 9 more surprisingly old films about sex

The comedy, released in 1937, is entirely devoted to the issue stated in the title. The authors, Hildegard Studi and Duane Esper, are convinced that women should take off their clothes sensually to keep their husbands interested.

The right and wrong way to undress is illustrated by two real women who have returned home from a party. These are Hollywood and Broadway actress Elayne Barry and opera singer and comedian Trixie Freeganza. While the former gracefully undresses, the latter takes off her clothes at will, prompting nervous comments from the narrator.

It was one of the first films that dealt with the topic of sex in one way or another. It has been censored in many US states.

9 "How much love?"

"How to undress in front of your husband" and 9 more surprisingly old films about sex

Mary and Jeff are a couple of teenagers who have been friends for many years. One day they almost have sex, but Mary asks Jeff to stop. Later, Mary and Jeff run into their old friend Eileen, who is forced to drop out of school because she is pregnant. Her boyfriend, in turn, gives up his dream of becoming a lawyer and takes a job to support his wife and child. So Mary and Jeff realize that an unwanted pregnancy can disrupt all their life plans. At a school party, Jeff gives Mary a ring, which in the 50s was considered a "sign of love."

Condoms at that time were not yet so common, and it was believed that if the topic of sex was not demonized among adolescents, this would put an end to traditional marriage. But already in the 1960s, the “sexual revolution" took place in the West, and premarital sex eventually became a normal part of relationships.

8 "Molly Grows Up"

In 1953, this film was shown to girls at school during women’s health classes. 13-year-old Molly begins to take an interest in her older sister’s makeup and wardrobe. Soon, the heroine begins her first period, which she calls the "curse".

The school nurse explains to Molly and the other girls in the class how puberty happens and where babies come from. At the same time, the film says that pregnancy comes from male sperm, but how exactly it gets into a woman is not reported.

Molly Grows Up was supposed to reinforce the traditional gender role of women in the family.

7 "Are You Ready For Marriage?"

"How to undress in front of your husband" and 9 more surprisingly old films about sex

In the 50s of the last century, sex before marriage was considered an absolute taboo. Teenage pregnancy could bring disgrace to the entire family, causing young lovers to marry earlier than they do now.

The two main characters of the film – Sue and Larry – are 18 and 19 years old. They just got engaged, after an intimate relationship for three months. Larry tries to get Sue to run away, but instead they decide to get married in a church.

The film explores the theme of sexual attraction and lust that drives young people into marriage. According to the narrator, to get married you need to be at least 21 years old and know each other for one to three years.

The 1950s in America were indeed a time when the number of divorces was reduced, and many children were born in families. Perhaps that was the influence of such films.

6 "Boys Grow Up"

"How to undress in front of your husband" and 9 more surprisingly old films about sex

The film is about pupils of an athletics school, to whom the coach tells about puberty, shaving, that they are getting taller and stronger. Then we see two boys discussing wet dreams – involuntary ejaculation in men. At the same time, the heroes describe sperm as "the white sticky material that makes babies."

It is interesting that if in the film “Molly Grows Up” the girls were not explained exactly how pregnancy occurs, then here the boys are told in detail how exactly to have sex. The coach says that they should start dating girls when they want to. For boys, this is presented as a big event, while girls see it as something that they have to put up with.

5 "Girls, beware"

This film was made to educate young girls about the dangers that threaten them from men: kidnapping and rape. The creators urge women to be polite but firm in their refusal to interact with strangers.

4 "How do you know it’s love?"

"How to undress in front of your husband" and 9 more surprisingly old films about sex

The film tells about students in love who meet for two months. The guy confesses his love to the girl, and she replies that she is not sure of her feelings, and turns to her mother for advice. She explains to her that young people often confuse physical attraction with real feelings. As a result, the heroine decides that she does not love her boyfriend. They part, but at the same time maintain friendly relations.

3 "Guys beware"

"How to undress in front of your husband" and 9 more surprisingly old films about sex

An educational film that warns young people about the dangers of homosexuals, who are called "sick" here. At the same time, the film is more about pedophiles and sexual maniacs, but then they did not see much difference between them.

2 "Perversion for profit"

A half-hour documentary dedicated to pornography. The reporter is sure that once a person is addicted to porn, he can no longer look at sex as before. There are some now-funny claims in the film that even just watching gays or lesbians can already turn you into a homosexual.

1 "Sex education of the mentally retarded from A to Z"

"How to undress in front of your husband" and 9 more surprisingly old films about sex

Created in 1975, the film was intended to teach parents of children with mental retardation how to prevent them from masturbating in public, promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases. Despite the fact that the actor playing the main character Ricky is clearly not mentally retarded, many of the tips from this film are still relevant today.

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