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Sexual dissatisfaction in family life is far from uncommon, a small fraction of couples live their entire lives without this problem. But does this mean that infidelity and divorce are inevitable? It should be noted that there are people who understand and accept the inevitability of a certain transformation of feelings over time, but there are also "romantic" natures who believe that with true love, passion does not go away. It is worth figuring out where the truth is hidden and whether it is possible to improve the quality of sex and return passion, and also what method to achieve this?

The body is designed in such a way that the hormonal surge of falling in love after a while is replaced by stability, because if a person was constantly under such stress as at the beginning of a relationship, then his organ systems would wear out very quickly. From this it is worth concluding that falling in love and, as a result, irresistible passion goes away in any relationship.

What can be done to return quality sex?

First of all, do not forget that each person should leave personal space. Often, and especially women sin with this, lovers have a craving to spend all their time with their loved one, while completely forgetting about their personal affairs. At first, this, of course, suits everyone, but we must not forget that this is unacceptable in family life. Losing its novelty, mystery, a person automatically loses his sexual attractiveness for a partner. Keep clear boundaries of your personal space and respect someone else’s!

Be sure to take into account the wishes of the partner, discuss. Whatever he wants to try, do not be surprised or express a negative reaction to his proposals, this can only ensure that trust will be lost. Experiment with pleasure, because all manifestations of love are beautiful. It is impossible to enjoy sex life without experimenting.

Don’t treat your partner like a book you’ve read. It may seem that everything is familiar in him and it is pointless to wait for something new, in such a situation, looking at a partner as a stranger is the most correct decision, at such moments the extinguished sexual desire threatens to flare up with renewed vigor. A very important aspect of reducing desire in the family are children. Undoubtedly, this is the most beautiful thing that can happen. But sometimes parents get used to the role of dad and mom so much that they don’t think about themselves at all. There should always be time for yourself and your husband, it’s worth planning how and where you can stay together and feel like lovers again.

Women should remember that the manifestation of the initiative is not only the prerogative of men. Many representatives of the stronger sex in frank conversations express the opinion that it is the lack of first steps from their partners that reduces their sexual desire. Do not be shy to watch erotic films with your husband, because this will only enrich your sex life. Strive to remain a mystery to your man, experiment in bed, flirt, and then you have a chance to have healthy sexual relationships throughout your family life.

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