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What gossip about colleagues leads to


Man is a social being. From the very first days of his life, he is in interaction with people. At first it is only parents, then – the children’s team, school, educational institution and, finally, work.

As a rule, any work is associated with communication in a team. Somewhere it is more, somewhere less, but in any case, interaction with people plays an important role. As you know, nothing human is alien to man. In other words, conversations within the team do not always occur within the framework of business communication. It’s one thing when these are innocent remarks or just conversations regarding the workflow or some general topics often discussed by people. And the words that take on the character of banal gossip look in a completely different light.

What is gossip?

What does such a thing as gossip mean?

In simple terms, these are conversations in a negative way with a touch of disrespect for the person being discussed. Moreover, as a rule, these words are uttered behind his back, and a negative attitude can either be explicitly expressed by people conducting such conversations, or covertly.

Causes of gossip

In general, a negative attitude has been formed towards such things as gossip. And this is understandable. It is unpleasant for any person if negative conversations are being held behind his back, which can even undermine his reputation. But it is worth understanding that no one is immune from this phenomenon. The subject of discussion can be a person who has just got a job, and an employee who has been in his position for a long time. Even the status does not affect this process in any way. The most unpleasant thing is that gossip can lead to conflicts within the team. Before condemning those who engage in such things, it is necessary to first identify the causes of these conversations.

Oddly enough, often the object of gossip itself can be their cause, or rather, the hostile attitude of colleagues towards this person. There can be many reasons for this. Perhaps he himself once showed himself somehow wrong, or maybe his behavior stands out too much beyond the generally accepted norms. There is a possibility that a person, on the contrary, has not done anything for which he can be discussed, but in itself is a bright individual personality. This can become an object of envy and, as a result, the cause of gossip. In general, here it is necessary to analyze each case separately in order to understand what exactly makes people feel negatively about one person.

Gossip can also arise for reasons that do not depend on the person himself. This happens when the team is internally divided into certain subgroups. They are connected by their interests, often spend time together after a hard day. And it turns out such a situation that when someone wants to join such a company, he begins to discuss other people who are in the team, but not adjacent to the subgroup of interest. And, as you know, a joint discussion of others, oddly enough, is very close.

What gossip about colleagues leads to

Another reason for the emergence of gossip is the desire to assert oneself at the expense of others. When a person is full of his complexes and fears, gossiping about his colleague (even if he is more successful), he thus acquires a certain internal status and calms down.

Gossip Fighting Techniques

Of course, gossip is not the best way to gain any credibility in the workplace. And if a person himself behaves in a strange way, maybe it is much more honest to tell him about it face to face? But, as life shows, the habit of having negative conversations behind your back is one of the most common problems. So how do you deal with this phenomenon?

The easiest way to simply prevent the formation of such a habit at work is to gossip. Moreover, any person can influence this, even simply refusing to support such conversations. If they enter the system, then it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent them. In the end, the person being discussed can simply be turned into an outcast, even humiliating him.

It should be said that a lot in this case depends on the leader of the team. Many bosses even punish such conversations, trying in every possible way to stop them. Various measures are taken: from warning to dismissal. The leader can be understood, because hostility within the team can negatively affect the entire work process.

There are softer ways to solve the problem. This may be, for example, conducting special trainings for employees. They are designed to rally people working in the same team. This is a good method because it instills a positive attitude and helps to identify people who like to go over other people verbally.

In general, as it becomes clear, the habit of gossip does not lead to anything good. Humiliating some people, it is impossible to build good relations with others. Therefore, it is worth considering that you should not allow negative conversations to poison the lives of all employees.
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