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Kissing is art. He bares our soul and speaks about us without words. That is why every guy and girl needs to hone their skills in kissing. Some people have natural lip and tongue skills. They don’t need to be told how to kiss for the first time. Others touch their partner so disgustingly with their lips that they risk being left alone for life. 

Types of kisses

Friendly. Friendly kisses are made on the cheeks or lips. In the second case, people simply touch their lips for a second, tearing them apart and continue communication. Most often, a friendly kiss is a non-verbal form of declaring that you miss a person and are glad to see him. 

First kiss on a date. An important process that unlocks cards. During it, you can find out how a person feels about you. How experienced is he? How interested are you in him? 

Kiss-bite. If there is passion in a relationship, often a woman or a man not only kisses his partner, but also slightly bites. At the same time, pleasant traces often remain after this. 

Kiss of tenderness. When passion fades, kissing remains one of the few ways to prove to a partner that love still lives on you. It is very important to kiss your husband or wife after 10, 20, 50 years of married life. 


Kiss in the erogenous zone. A person has many erogenous points – ears, neck, back, chest. The kiss of these zones brings partners together. After all, caressing your loved one, you prove that you do not need anything from him. You just want to please him. You need to caress the erogenous zones until you feel that your partner can no longer endure and wants a deeper contact. 


Goodbye kiss. Usually it happens if two relatives disagree on good terms. Perhaps they are waiting for love at a distance, or feelings no longer bind the couple. In any case, there is still warmth to the partner, and it is transmitted through a farewell kiss. 

Depending on the situation, the duration and strength of the kiss is different. Women describe their perfect kiss like this. A man should feel confident and look with eyes filled with passion. First, the lips of a woman should touch her fingers. The man should draw a line along the outline of the mouth, and then slowly lean towards the woman. For the first seconds, he should kiss her gently, but then hug her by the neck, press him to him and glare at the woman. The perfect kiss lasts from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

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