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So big, but you believe in fairy tales! 8 facts about sex that turned out to be a myth


How much sex do you need to lose weight? Are there foods that increase arousal? Is it true that men think “about it" all the time?

Does sex help you lose weight? Do men really think about "it" every minute? Can sex cause a heart attack? We have collected facts and speculation about this very enjoyable activity – it’s time to finally find out the truth!

Incendiary sex can replace a session in the gym

Reality : Half an hour of hot sex burns only 85-150 calories (depending on the intensity). To lose just one kilogram (that is, burn approximately 3,500 calories), you need to have sex 35 times – and we actually have even more, because few couples can withstand a half-hour load. So, alas, we will have to part with ideas about dietary benefits.

The difference between female and male peak sexual activity is 10 years

Fact: Although the age peak of sex hormone levels in men and women is indeed different (18 years for men and 23-25 ​​years for women), the frequency of lovemaking does not differ much in adults of both sexes at any age. Peers and peers have sex with about the same frequency – because, let’s be honest, the strength of sexual desire is by no means the only factor that affects it.

Sex can trigger a heart attack

In fact: Quite the contrary, regular sex helps to keep the heart muscle in a healthy state. A study published in the Framingham Heart Study says men who don’t smoke or have diabetes have a one in a million chance of having a heart attack during sex. Including because the physical stress that most of them experience when having sex does not exceed the load of climbing stairs.

Seafood and chocolate can increase arousal

Fact: Unfortunately, none of the studies that have been conducted have confirmed any effect that eating oysters has on the sexual arousal of partners. Many seafood contain zinc, which is good for sperm production, but that’s where their "sexual" benefits are limited. As for chocolate, its use can slightly increase the level of serotonin, which is responsible for a good mood. Maybe this will make the partner or partner more compliant, but we do not guarantee anything!

So big, but you believe in fairy tales! 8 facts about sex that turned out to be a myth

Men think about sex every 7 seconds

In fact: Ohio State University researchers debunked that myth too! Volunteers, 238 male students, tracked their thoughts about food, sleep and sex for a week. And it turned out that on average, each young man thought about sex only 19 times a day – only one time more than about food. As for the girls, the participants in a similar experiment thought about sex 10 times a day (and about food – 15 times) – only half as often.

All women experience orgasms from "traditional" sex

In fact: Unfortunately, exactly the opposite. Three-quarters of women are unable to reach orgasm during penis-vaginal intercourse, according to a study published in the American edition of Sex and Marriage Therapy. 75% of women in order to get an orgasm, need additional stimulation of the clitoris or other organs.

Sex can affect athletic performance

Fact: And this is also a myth, supposedly coming from ancient Greece, as well as traditional Chinese medicine. Several studies in recent years have confirmed that not only does sex not negatively impact athletic performance, it may even improve it. So, perhaps, entire generations of athletes completely in vain refused carnal pleasures on the eve of the competition.

Women take longer to get aroused than men

Fact: According to a McGill University study, women and men take approximately the same amount of time to reach the peak of arousal. And all the reasons for the “delay” are exclusively psychological, physiologically in this matter both sexes are absolutely equal.

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