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Sex between a man and a woman is very important in a relationship, but men’s thoughts about sex are significantly different from women’s. Often men think one thing, but in fact the situation is the opposite. Our task is to debunk men’s myths about sex. So, let’s begin.

1 If a woman does not have an orgasm, then her partner is a bad lover.

This statement is 100% false. This is not entirely true. Any woman will tell you that it is much easier for a man to experience an orgasm. Women’s physiology is more complex than men’s. Many women cannot experience an orgasm at all. Girls confirm that their orgasm is not the result of friction, as many men think, but the mental effort of its owner. Sometimes a girl may not be in the mood or loaded with some business and problems, and she will not be able to achieve an orgasm. No need to be offended, blame yourself and the girl for something. The girl is happy for you, anyway. She loves you and is happy that you enjoyed it. The main thing to remember is that this should not be systematic. This can happen, but not always. Try!

2 Girls love slow sex.

This is partly true. But it happens that fast and passionate sex will bring a partner much more pleasure than slow and boring. Even if she does not have time to experience an orgasm, she will still get a lot of pleasure from your outbursts of passion. Elevator, entrance, forest and other similar places are ideal for such passionate copulations. 3 Ordinary people to act in porn should be ashamed.

The girl does not want to act in porn for two reasons. The first reason is that she is simply afraid that she will not succeed, and everything will look ugly. The second reason: the girl has already tried to act in porn, it turned out badly and she is afraid that this time it will not be better. Therefore, if you want to do homemade porn, offer your girlfriend to do it very delicately and deliberately. Promise that no one but you will see your shooting masterpiece, and she can erase it if she doesn’t like it. Make a copy of the disc and give it to her. Important! Do not force the girl to do anything in front of the camera, let it be her own initiative. If your partner has complexes about her appearance, do not focus the camera’s attention on this part of the body.

4 We like to look at lesbians and girls at gays.

Usually, in this case, women say: “There are so few normal men, and then these two also disappear." Not a true idea of ​​a man at all.

5 Prelude should always be in place.

Go back to point 2. There are always exceptions to the rules. Moments in the preludes in general, no one needs. Why waste precious time?

6 Women love it when sex lasts too long

Long is good, but not too much. Often men work so hard for hours that they don’t notice how the girl begins to fake the fifth orgasm in a row in order to please you. Everything should be in moderation.

7 The ideal option for successful sex is a simultaneous orgasm

What for? In any case, this attitude to sex makes it difficult to relax and get maximum pleasure. According to statistics, only one couple out of ten gets an orgasm at the same time. As practice shows, neither the quality of sex, nor personal life, in general, does not change from this. Well, if that makes you feel better, then practice.

8 Sex like a surprise

Better when sex is planned. If you tell your soulmate in the morning that there will be passionate sex in the evening, she is guaranteed a good mood for the whole day. No need for impromptu. Do you want to make sex a surprise? Do it, but plan it well, otherwise all sorts of surprises may come up that will prevent them from doing it at all. 9 Women Want Sex Less Than Men

Nonsense. It’s just that women are created to be pursued, to fight for them. They are not used to, and it is not in their genes to rush at men. There are exceptions, but quite rarely. Women also need sex, and in huge quantities.

10 Sex for a woman is always something very important and without love nothing

Not at all what you think. Not all women want a veil, wedding, wedding night and love to the grave. Many people need you to satisfy their passionate desires. Not only you are. Know that most of these girls are careerists.

11 Girls are more sensitive than men

Why are you judging like that? Are your hands less sensitive? You just focus on only one part of your body, and women on all. Their receptors need affection everywhere, and yours only in one place. It is unlikely that girls treat your penis more tenderly than yourself.

12 Girls rarely masturbate

Maybe, but not as rare as you think. It is easier for them to do this than for you: magazines and porn films are not needed for this business and there are no traces left. And so here everything is very individual, which depends on the temperament of the woman and the presence (or absence) of a partner.

13 Women Don’t Like To See Men Masturbating

On the contrary, it turns women on. You just need to masturbate at ease, without a dull expression on your face. Practice a couple of times and you will see the result for your lady.

14 A Man Should Be Silent During Orgasm

Complete nonsense. If a man moans during sex, for a woman it means that she is doing everything right. She enjoys it. Moreover, by groaning, you show how and where you feel good.

15 Girls Make Love, Not Sex

Partially true, but not always. Sometimes a woman needs rough sex. She can offer it to you. If you have a first date, and you still don’t know your girlfriend, then it’s better not to plan anything extraordinary. Wait a little, and then act.

16 Waking up a girl to have sex in the morning is real selfishness

The right relationship with a man is primarily mutual understanding. Most girls love sex in the morning. It invigorates them for the whole day. It’s best to have lube handy, as a girl may have less lube in the morning. Make it a rule to keep a few chewing gums near the bed in case you haven’t had time to brush your teeth.

17 Girls like to constantly change positions during sex.

A very erroneous opinion. To achieve orgasm, a woman needs to concentrate on her sensations. If the positions change often, she will not be able to do it. Let the woman herself show what she needs. Take your time and try to hear her desires.

18 The best way to find out if a woman was doing well is to ask her about it.

Such a solution is not at all good. No matter how bad the girl is, she still won’t let you tell you that everything was terrible. Her upbringing, even the most immoral, will not allow her. If you doubt the quality of your sex, then everything was already not the best way. Take into account the behavior of the girl during sex, the sounds made, the scratches on your body, and draw conclusions only from this. Believe me, everything is not so difficult if her opinion about your sex is really important to you. 19 Pain During Sex Is Unacceptable

Theoretically yes, but practically everything is different. If regular sex brings pain, then this is not normal (are you both BDSM). Periodically increase the movement during sex for the thrill will only be a plus for you. Keep in mind, if you know for sure that your girlfriend loves only, mind you, only gentle sex, then you should not experiment without permission. Ask her about it first, and then act. Most women sometimes like to practice hard sex.

20 During sex, in no case, you can not laugh

Yes, but you need to know when. For example, if a girl undresses and you laugh out loud, then this will be the beginning of the end of your relationship. If something doesn’t work out for you, then you can joke in order to defuse the situation.

21 You can only ejaculate on the face of a prostitute or in a porn movie

If you are having sex with a lady for the first time, then it is better not to practice this without prior consent. You can try it with your woman, maybe she will like it. It is better, of course, to discuss this issue in advance in order to avoid a negative reaction to this. I assure you, many people like it when a man cums on their face.

22 Erotic lingerie as a gift for a loved one is a gift for yourself

More truth than myth. First of all, take into account the tastes of your partner than your own. If you want to make some very unusual surprise, prepare the lady a little for this. You never know what your preferences are in underwear. One may love nipple covers, while another will kick you out for such a gift. 

23 Threesomes Shouldn’t Be For Decent Girls

Most of the opinion is correct, but more and more girls are practicing such sex. It plays a role who is third: a man or a woman. It can be former lovers or unfamiliar people. There are many options here. If you want to share a woman with someone, first ask how she feels about it.

24 Oral Sex Isn’t Enjoyable Making It

A very erroneous opinion. Of course, not everyone likes oral sex, but most just love to please their partner in this way. This is how you feel the power and great pleasure from the ongoing orgasm.

25 It’s good when the penis is huge

Some people feel really good, and some people get hurt too much. The main thing here is to find your partner, with whom it will be good and who knows how to use his “weapon”. Too large a penis provokes discomfort to many, not pleasure.

26 Sexual fantasies to keep to yourself

Having a permanent partner and knowing her well, you can trust a couple or two of your sexual fantasies. If you like them, you can easily take up their implementation. This will only strengthen your relationship.

27 Only a horny man can constantly want sex

The average man thinks about sex or things related to it every seven seconds. This is a normal indicator of healthy individuals. Decide for yourself if you’re worried or not.

28 Lesbian sex is not for normal girls

Do not think that among your acquaintances there is no girl who would have sex with another girl. Of course have. Not everyone talks about it. Many have experience, and even more girls would like to try making love with a representative of their sex, especially those who have not yet experienced an orgasm with a man.

29 Anal sex is nice only for gays

Not true. Everyone likes anal sex, as the sphincter wraps around the penis more tightly, which gives a very pleasant sensation to a man. Women like anal sex just as much. Not all girls adore him, but, nevertheless, most welcome him very much. 

30 There is no female ejaculation

It happens, but not for many. Female ejaculation is characteristic of one girl out of a hundred. If this happens to your girlfriend one day, do not be afraid, but rejoice – she is unique.

31 Ultimately all girls like the same things about sex

“It’s men who end up liking the same things. And after bold experiments with a new partner, you reduce everything to your (and not to our!) Favorite poses, “the girls usually sighed sadly after these words. 32 spanking a girl is perverted

This is the smallest and most harmless manifestation of perversion. There are a lot of nerve endings on the buttocks, so the girl is very pleased when she is spanked. If you both like it, why not?

33 If there is sex after a quarrel, then she has forgiven

A quarrel for a girl is a powerful surge of hormones, apparently, adrenaline. Hormones cause desires to fool around and let off steam. This does not mean that after sex there will be no more quarrels.

34 You can’t get pregnant during your period

Maybe. Some women are capable of this. Two eggs can mature in one cycle. One unfertilized egg comes out, and the second, also ripe, is calmly waiting for the sperm.

35 When a girl is on top during sex, pregnancy is impossible

Complete nonsense. The sperm will get anywhere if it’s meant to be. It is better not to experiment like this if you do not want replenishment in the family.

36 When a girl has a "first time" she won’t get pregnant

Fertilization depends only on the mature egg, and not on the amount of sexual experience. Everyone knows that young girls become pregnant even before their first menstruation: the egg has already matured, but has not yet had time to leave.

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