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Monica Bellucci visited an exhibition in Paris


Monica Bellucci

After a long widespread quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, everything is finally back to normal. Of course, it is still very early to talk about returning to the old life, but the first steps in this direction have already begun. Yesterday, 55-year-old Monica Bellucci made her first public appearance after self-isolation – the star attended the opening of the Jam Capsule exhibition in Paris.

In public, the actress appeared in a black jumpsuit with flared trousers and white shoes.

Monica Bellucci visited an exhibition in ParisMonica Bellucci visited an exhibition in Paris

The self-isolation of the star took place in France, where she lived for several months with two children from her former lover Vincent Cassel: 15-year-old Virgin and nine-year-old Leonie. According to Bellucci, while the children were busy with their online learning, she also worked actively – the star read the book of the great opera singer Maria Callas "Letters and Memoirs". Last year, she already performed before the French public with readings of the work on the stage of the Marigny Theater, and now she is preparing to take part in a performance in Italy.

Bellucci admitted that quarantine was easy for her: staying at home and not going out was not a problem for her.

she noted.

Monica Bellucci visited an exhibition in Paris

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