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Movies featuring your favorite actors


In today’s film criticism column, a review of new film works with such masters of world cinema as Russell Crowe, Jude Law, Jackie Chan, Gerard Butler and Kevin Costner.

blood ties

Dramatic thriller starring Kevin Costner. His hero is retired sheriff George Blackledge, who lives on his own ranch with his wife Margaret and his son’s family. After the tragic death of the latter, his widow marries another man – Tony Weeboy – and, together with her son, moves out of the house of her late husband. Margaret misses her grandson and tries to visit him in his new home. However, during the first visit, he sees how cruel Tony behaves with the boy and his former daughter-in-law. Soon he takes the family to his mother’s house. Margaret persuades her husband to find a new place of residence for her grandson, as she worries about his future. After going a long way and using former police connections, the Blackledges finally find their grandson, but what they see will disturb them even more …

The film will appeal to all fans of costume drama.

Country: USA
Year: 2020
Duration: 113 minutes


Thriller starring Russell Crowe. His hero, due to life circumstances, a "flipped from the coils" man, who turned into a real monster. Due to the fact that he has nothing more to lose, he decides that he has the right to arrange real physical violence with any of his offenders. His next victim is a young single mother who, in a hurry, does not behave quite correctly on the road. A simple apology could have saved her, but she doesn’t, which ends up incurring the raging wrath of a maniac. The hero of Russell Crowe mercilessly cracks down on everyone who is dear to the main character. It seems that no one and nothing can stop him. As a result, the viewer gets a rather cruel action with powerful moral overtones against the backdrop of a modern metropolis.

The film will appeal to all lovers of intense storytelling and unexpected plot twists.

Country: USA
Year: 2020
Duration: 90 minutes


Disaster movie starring Gerard Butler. Comet Clark is approaching the Earth’s surface. Initially, forecasts for a meeting with a celestial body are comforting, and no special destruction is expected. On the contrary, mankind prepared to observe an unusually beautiful spectacle in the sky. However, after the main character – architect John – receives a message about the urgent evacuation of his family, he realizes that the fall of the comet fragments is not as safe as it was promised in the media. It turns out that the government, having understood its initial miscalculation and all the danger of the approaching celestial body, decides to save only key specialists for the planet, who then could help restore civilization after the destruction. The family is about to board a rescue plane that will take them to a safe bunker in Greenland. But at the last moment they realize that they forgot insulin, which is vital for the diabetic son John. Delay in landing becomes fatal for the family.

The film will appeal to all fans of post-apocalyptic cinema and family values.

Country: USA
Year: 2020
Duration: 119 minutes


Drama starring Jude Law. His hero is businessman Rory. In America, he settled down pretty well and lives with his family in his own house next to his wife’s parents. The latter loves horses and works on a horse farm. However, Rory constantly wants more from life. Then he finally persuades his wife to move to London, where he comes from. Here, in search of quick money, he throws dust in the eyes of old acquaintances, imitating a successful rich man. To this end, he even rents a whole mansion in the suburbs of the British capital. However, the farce soon becomes difficult to hide, in addition, it quickly destroys the family.

The film will appeal to all lovers of prim unhurried cinema.

Country: USA
Year: 2020
Duration: 107 minutes


Crime thriller starring Jackie Chan. His hero leads an international organization of elite bodyguards. It consists of only the best fighters with a variety of combat skills. One day, their influential client, a businessman who is attacked by terrorists in London, is in danger. When a team of elite bodyguards manage to free the ward, the terrorists decide to get their way through the daughter of a businessman who is in Africa. Traditionally for Jackie Chan, the film is shot at high speed and is full of effects and scenes of combat fights. And besides London and Africa, the viewer, along with the characters, will have to visit Dubai.

The film will appeal to all fans of Jackie Chan, his signature humor and dynamic scenes of fights and battles.

Country: China
Year: 2020
Duration: 108 minutes

Happy viewing!

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