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People make love for different reasons. At the same time, the desire to have children after sex is not the most popular reason why a man and a woman throw off each other’s clothes. Most often we are driven by passion, instinct or love. Pregnancy in the modern world is more often a negligence than a long-awaited event. During sex, it is important to take care of protection so that you do not make the huge mistake of terminating an unplanned pregnancy afterwards. 

Can you get pregnant during your period?

Conception is the process that occurs when the egg and sperm meet. The male reproductive cell is continuously produced in the testicles. The female matures for a whole month and enters the uterus during ovulation. It is at this point that pregnancy can occur. If it does not occur, the egg is released with blood secretions after about two weeks. In case of successful fertilization, after this period the girl feels the first signs of pregnancy. 

Using logic, we can conclude that it is impossible to get pregnant during menstruation. At the same time, gynecologists argue that this is not the case and warn of exceptions. What are they?

  • All women have different periods. If the cycle is too short, ovulation may coincide with menstruation. 
  • Spermatozoa live in the vagina for about 7 days. If you make love without a condom or other protection, you risk getting pregnant a few days after intercourse. 
  • Ovulation can go astray during a hormonal storm, menopause, or after an abortion. 
  • Two eggs can mature in the body. 
  • A woman can confuse bleeding during menstruation with discharge due to someone else’s illness. 

Patients who become pregnant during menstruation come to the gynecologist’s offices about once a week. We can only conclude that the only way to not get pregnant is to abstain from sex. In other cases, nature takes control of conception. As you know, no known contraceptive gives a 100% guarantee of protection. It is also possible to get pregnant during your period. Therefore, when engaging in sexual intercourse, be confident in your partner. And best of all, try to have sex, experiencing mutual feelings. 

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