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New Year’s sex: how to make the night unforgettable


New Year’s Eve is a time of miracles and magic. What could be better than spending this holiday with your loved one, without noisy friends and annoying relatives or colleagues. Write yourself a script for the most mind-blowing sex to the sound of chimes and the sound of firecrackers.

It’s great to go to some new place tonight. Book a country cottage or just a hotel room (choose a suite if you want to feel like heroes of glamour), order a gourmet dinner with champagne and caviar, dress nicely. Erotic lingerie is especially important.

And separated from all, embrace each other. You can even play with each other, for example, seductive James Bond and a dangerous beauty, or maybe imagine that you are high society heroes, vicious and cheeky. You can arrange an erotic photo shoot in the apartment, gradually getting rid of excess clothes and moving on to the main thing. This spicy activity can tickle your nerves and add new emotions.

You can go out of town and spend a cozy New Year’s Eve in front of a burning fireplace. Among the trees, snowdrifts and silence, you can become truly tender and close to each other.

If you prefer to stay at home, among familiar and cozy things, in the light of a Christmas tree dressed up together – great! Don’t just make the big mistake of not focusing on food. If you want to dedicate a festive night to sex, then the main menu should not be on the table, but in the bedroom. Therefore, prepare only light snacks and light drinks (it is best to limit yourself to champagne – no cognac, vodka and whiskey, no salads with mayonnaise – fish, steak and fruit and vegetable salads), beautiful bedding and possibly erotic toys if you have never they have not been tried. Allow yourself this night to embody each other’s sexual fantasies (a couple of glasses of sparkling wine will help to loosen up). Do not turn on the TV, you can listen to romantic music that will help you feel the magic of this night.

The main secret of New Year’s sex is not food, not drinks, not New Year’s TV programs, but love and tenderness, trust in each other.

If you really want each other, then you are quite capable of giving each other magical sex.

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