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Rules of conduct at a corporate party


About corporate parties at work, different employees and firms have different ideas. And of course, when the time and date of the corporate party is set, everyone has a question: – to go or not to go to the corporate party? The answer is clear – go! The consequences may be favorable only for you. "Why?" – you ask. Yes, because it is there that they can offer a promotion. If you still decide not to go to the party, then know that everyone will think that you put your own problems and affairs above the interests of the company. To avoid this, simply politely decline by calmly explaining the situation.

For starters, a corporate party is a party among colleagues. The purpose of such a party can be different. Just the desire of the boss to communicate with employees in an informal setting, relax with colleagues, get to know his colleagues better, or help a new employee quickly adapt to a new environment.

Rules of conduct at a corporate party

What to wear?

For men, it’s simple. He put on a clean shirt with a jacket and trousers. Sometimes you can add a tie or bow tie. But the fair sex is a little more complicated. Very modest advice is given: do not wear too open, transparent and flashy dresses. Wear something modest. Wear a modest, elegant dress that is sure to highlight your dignity, rather than reveal them. You can wear some kind of jewelry, necklace, etc. Complete the look with shoes. That’s it. In this form, you can go to conquer career heights.

Who to go with?

This question is also very relevant before a trip to a corporate party. Many usually take their spouse. And in general, this is the most correct decision. But in many cases, your image may depend on the behavior of the second half at the corporate party. It will be good if he or she knows how to behave at such events. Looking at your soul mate, the boss may have this or that impression of you.

Himself corporate

Never be late. Usually meals are served a little later, but this is not a reason for a late arrival. Be polite and never be rude or rude. Keep a smile on your face, it will help create a pleasant party atmosphere.

As for alcohol, don’t overdo it. In a drunken state, a person does not control his actions, and so that bad rumors do not go the next day, drink less, but do not refuse. This is also considered a kind of disrespect to colleagues. Eat less too, just for the sake of appearances. Don’t flirt. Do not hug anyone and even keep your distance. These tips are for those companies where employees do not hug when meeting, etc. When you dance, you should also keep up appearances. Especially women.

Rules of conduct at a corporate party

What to talk about at a corporate party?

The very first rule, don’t talk about work. After all, the main purpose of corporate parties at work is to take a break from work. Don’t discuss work issues. Let people rest. Topics for conversation can be very different. You can talk about hobbies, about cooking, about the latest film that has already been released. But in no case do not say bad things about your colleagues, do not gossip. Tomorrow it will be necessary to continue working with this colleague. As for communicating with the boss, be careful and very careful. It is here and now that the finest hour can come for you. If he suggests a new project or work plan, don’t refuse. Be sure to take it. If you’re talking to him, talk about topics he’s interested in. Talk to the boss if he first addresses you. Just don’t hang around your neck. By the way,

Rules of conduct at a corporate party

In the midst of a holiday, there may be times when you really want to open up to your colleagues, tell them the most intimate about yourself, reveal your secrets, but in no case do this. Remember that the next day you will need to continue working together. And imagine if a colleague knows something “such" about you. No event is complete without photography. Here, too, misses and errors can be expected. In order to look beautiful in photographs, again, do not go overboard with alcohol. Alien soul-darkness. There are cases when it was at corporate parties that a “harmless” colleague took not quite decent photos and then blackmailed.

After the end of the holiday, do not leave the event first, only after the boss. Sometimes it is customary to take home the leftover food after yourself. At this point, look at your colleagues, if they collect, then you can follow their example.

In conclusion, it must be said that these are the most basic rules of conduct at a corporate party. Whether or not to follow them is entirely up to you. If you dream of career heights in this company, then this is definitely for you.
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