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In this article we will talk about hypersexuality – about nymphomania, in which one could suspect a girl experiencing a strong sexual desire, we’ll talk some other time.

Hypersexuality is a feature of physiology, and not a deviation (like nymphomania), it’s just rare – hence the doubts about the "normality" of a temperamental woman.

There are approximately 10-15% of hypersexual ladies, the same number of women have a weak sexual constitution, the remaining 70-80% are the middle link. Women with a strong temperament are easy to recognize. They are short, have wide hips and a narrow waist, hair grows on their legs and arms. Yes, and their eyes shine invitingly – sexologists call such a shine “estrogen".

These women mature early: the onset of menstruation at about 11-12 years old, from the same age they begin to masturbate. If the parents did not drive in the idea of ​​the “sinfulness” of sex, then they also start having sex early. There is also a frequent change of partners or "sexual enterprise", as experts call it. The reason for everything is the peculiarities of brain metabolism, estrogen and testosterone, which make you look with lust at men. Only a partner with the same powerful temperament can satisfy this woman.

What does he look like?

Girls, leave your dreams of tall handsome men of model appearance. The true superman in bed is their absolute opposite – a short, stocky brunette (most often) with a body covered with dense vegetation. There is always a hair path from the navel to the groin and a hard black stubble on the face, despite the morning shave.

So much for the cult of models, who mostly have a weak temperament (the later puberty begins, the taller the person). Still, standards (including beauty) are invented by people, while nature always knows best.

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