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Rules of conduct for enjoyment

Making love without pleasure is unnatural in itself, isn’t it? After all, people do THAT not only to conceive a child, but also wanting to get sexual pleasure. When young people first start dating, their sex is usually hot and passionate. But now they get married, have children, live together for several years and continue to love each other – a calm, measured life. And in sexual relations, too, there is a lull. No, it’s not that he didn’t exist. It’s just that he’s somehow no, how to go to work – without fire and special pleasure. How to behave in order to enjoy sex all the time, get excited even after 10 years of married life, and not just at the beginning of a romantic relationship?


You can, of course, do without it, but it somehow turns out like an animal. Foreplay can be done not only immediately before the sexual intercourse itself. Try to keep your partner excited all day long. In the evening, he will give you a lot of pleasure, believe me. How to do it? You can play with SMS, sending him all sorts of exciting messages. The content of the text should come down to one thing – I want sex with you! When meeting him at the door, do not forget to demonstrate your sexual readiness and beautiful underwear under a transparent peignoir, or rather its absence.


Leaving the store, or from somewhere else, whisper in his ear something like "Oh, something so wanted you …". The main task is to turn your man on and keep him in suspense for a while until you get to the bedroom door (although you can, and even need to, in the hallway, in the kitchen, and on the balcony).

Morning prelude helps a lot. In the mornings, our men are especially excitable – use this. Come up with something new – for example, become a "whore" and invite your loved one to do whatever he wants. And do it. Sex pleasure is provided to you – and not for one day. Agree, it’s worth it – one "thought out" morning – and then a month of enjoyment!

How to get more pleasure from sex

The first part is done and now you are going to enjoy crazy sex. If you want, turn on the appropriate music and make the right lighting. Now release yourself. Do not control your words and your body – the way it moves as it wants. Don’t squeeze. By the way, all men love passionate, uninhibited women in pastels. Let go of all thoughts except the desire to enjoy sex. Concentrate your attention on your feelings, on your desires and his movements. Don’t "drive the horses" right away, start slowly, and then … And then do what you want.


Talk during sex. Just don’t “rumble", but whisper affectionate words, words of praise and love. It’s very exciting. There are few men who do not "light up" from such speeches. Ask your partner to speak passionate words to you – this will bring you even more pleasure.

Buy a sex toy – whatever you want. Teach your partner how to please you with it. He will love to satisfy you in this way. This is especially true for men suffering from rapid ejaculation.

Do not close your eyes – look into the eyes of a partner, watch him. And he, too, let him look at how good you are. This greatly enhances the excitement.

Some more tips

From time to time, look through the Kama Sutra with your man and discuss your favorite poses. Well, do not forget to check them in practice – novelty in sex is always only good.


Buy good erotic or even porn movies and watch them together.

Always watch your partner and try to give him sexual pleasure. He will surely answer you the same. And do not forget to tell him that he is "the very best."

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