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Seduction Secrets: 12 Seduction Tricks


A woman who was able to attract the attention of a man for at least five minutes can easily seduce him. The main thing here is to know certain techniques that can help in this lesson.

History tells us about the legendary seductresses of the past: Cleopatra, geishas, ​​mythological sirens and Aphrodite. It is said that no man could resist their beauty. Beauty … in fact, as practice shows, the beauty of a woman is not a determining factor, the main thing here is to know the basic techniques that will help to achieve attention and feelings from any man.

The main secrets of seduction

Seduction itself is, to a greater extent, the use of psychological techniques. Seducing a man, a woman puts pressure on his weaknesses: pride, the desire to be a leader, the desire to possess the inaccessible, and so on. That is why the main secrets of seducing men are very simple, but a woman needs to learn how to use them correctly in practice, and also be able to find the right approach to different men.

Appearance secrets:
1 Bright make-up is not always the key to success when seducing a man, it is more important to use lip gloss that imitates moisture on the lips, this is very exciting for a man at the subconscious level.

2 Eyes are the main means of establishing contact, so any woman needs to learn how to play with her eyes correctly, as well as highlight them on her face with makeup.
3 Men, by and large, love naturalness in a woman, especially hair, so you should use styling products to a minimum.
4 Perfumes and perfumes are also best used in a minimal amount, try to keep your natural smell.
It is important to remember that any man wants to become a conqueror, hunter and winner, therefore, when seducing a man, let him get the better of himself, let him feel his superiority.
In any case, the main secret of seducing a man is the use of innate feminine sexuality. Women’s secrets of seducing men are simple: a languid look, a seductive gait, gentle touches…

Seduction of a man as an art

When seducing men, it is important to remember that male psychology is different from female psychology, so a woman will have to use her intuition, which will help to understand which technique will be relevant at the moment and with this man. The main thing here is to know how to stir up the interest of a man in a relationship, and not to arouse his desire to completely possess a woman.
A woman is a creature that can twist ropes from a man, while he may not even be aware of it, all these are female secrets ladies secrets, which are known to almost every woman at the subconscious level.

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