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6 best positions for women who have recently given birth


These five sexual poses will help women who have given birth to adapt to sexual life after a long period of abstinence and injuries received during childbirth. Start with them – but don’t forget to get the green light from your doctor first!

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After the birth of a child, the life of a young mother changes dramatically – just like her body. Regardless of whether it was a natural birth or a caesarean section, THERE everything is already completely different. But don’t panic!

According to surveys, after giving birth, most women began to enjoy sex more, according to the Popsugar portal. To see if you’re one of them, start with these recommended poses for new moms.

Woman on Top

This position allows the woman to better control the situation, speed and depth of penetration. For mothers who have had a caesarean section, this is especially important, because postoperative scars do not heal immediately. Start in a position facing or back to your partner and observe the sensations.


The horizontal position, in which the partner enters the partner from behind, is a great choice for women who do not want to rush things. According to surveys, many women who gave birth called this position the most comfortable.

This position of the bodies also allows you to relieve tension from the lumbar spine and pressure on postoperative scars on the abdomen.

Missionary Pose

Don’t discount the good old missionary position! Take your time and try to understand which parts of your body are now enjoying more. If you’ve had vaginal tears or a caesarean section, place a small pillow under your buttocks to help relieve pressure on painful areas of your body.

Sitting on a chair

Sometimes sexual positions that do not require being in bed can be very comfortable. One of them is when your partner sits on a hard chair and you sit comfortably on it. This position eliminates the fast pace and allows the partner to regulate the depth of penetration.

The partner is standing by the partner lying on the bed

In this position, the main load is taken by the man. The woman can only sit comfortably on her back, moving to the edge of the bed and clasping her partner’s torso with her legs. Do not raise the pelvis – then the load on the lower back will be minimal.

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